There is a you that existed long before the you that you know now.
When you were born you were as one with this you.
Which is the perfect you.
This part of you is the higher and wiser part of you.
You were separated as you grew.
As your ego developed you lost touch with this part of you.

As you developed the beliefs that you thought would sustain you in this material world.
You lost sight of this you who remained constant and unchanged.
Perhaps you did not know this you still existed.
Instead you struggled and suffered in this world.
You lost sight of your higher purpose,
Your fears prevented you living your dreams.
If you could be the you that you always wanted to be this is the you that you would be.

This part of you has many names, the authentic self or the higher self, and is perfect, perfect physique, perfect health perfect love, free of all your imperfections.
Part of your mission on earth is to reconnect with your higher self so you can realise your higher purpose.

Imagine meeting your higher self and then merging with that energy, and reclaiming that part of you. Your higher self will guide you with unconditional love and wisdom as you follow the higher path. As you do this, you feel an increase in energy, perhaps some tingling as your vibration naturally increases.


G12   I Am


G12 I Am (Pale Gold / Pale Gold)

This is the I Am. When you choose this bottle you are ready to release all the beliefs that still say “I am not”. When you choose this you are fully prepared to align with your Divine self and claim yourself as part of the Divine. The Creator and I are one. The Divine is within and I am that. Our addictions are the things that keep us small and keep us feeling separate from our Divine self. This bottle will support us in letting go of fear and the separating influence of addiction. When we claim back our true authentic power, we can be free of the addictions and be fearlessly, powerfully Divine.