Find out more about how we wear colour and bring our Soul Colours into our lives and homes without realizing it!  Also find out what Soul Colour you are.. and have fun exploring !

Soul Colours in the Home.

When you walk in your front door and walk through your rooms take note of the atmosphere and the feeling that each room creates. The colours in each room give out messages about your personality and who you are, so make sure you show your home and yourself off to the most colourful , but at the same time the most sympathetic to your character and personality.



Do you have colours that dominate in each room?

Is there a general colour that is repeated through out your home?

Do these dominant colours reflect your personality?

Creating colour in your home is something very personal so try not to link these colours to any one person or object, just choose by instinct!

If you are a quiet, shy person you might choose blue to dominate your rooms but be careful not to overdo it or you may feel depressed. Too much of any one colour can be too much for our systems to cope with, that is why most designers will always use at least two colours in a room. If you like blue, use a bright blue as dark blues will  need uplifting and energising with gold or yellow . If you like purple and lilacs add a secondary colour such as a sea green or a bluey green otherwise it can be too spiritual for those who are not so enlightened and cause headaches.

Choosing Soul Colours.

a) Choose the colour which you find most pleasing.

b) Choose the colour you find most relaxing.

c)Choose the colour you find the most inspiring.

a)  You are drawn to your Soul Colour intuitively and it is often the one you have chosen continuously over a long period of time. It is also probably one you often choose to wear as it reflects your personality and outlook on life…. and sometimes can be linked to your birthstone. This most pleasing colour is your Soul Colour. If your soul colour is green or blue you will need a warm contrasting colour to balance.

b) The colour of relaxation is the second colour you choose for chilling out, one which has a calming soothing effect on your body, bringing healing, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

c) The third colour is  mentally inspirational and helps you to aspire to your higher self.

As each rainbow colour vibration has its own powerful energy you can use the powerful energy of the colours that surround you to work together and improve your state of health.

If  two or  three of your colours compliment each other you can use them in one room, for instance Purple and Yellow, or Orange and Blue. If they are not complimentary, use neutral colours on the walls and then add your colours as furnishings or accessories.

Soul Colour: Use your soul colour in the living room.

Relaxation colour:   in your bedroom.

Inspirational colour:   in your study, work room, playroom.

If you are likely to spend a lot of time reading, sewing, doing artwork or any close work that might cause eye strain, make sure it is light and bright. Dark colours make it very difficult to focus.

Note: If your soul colour is purple and you use it in the living room make sure you have light colours to lighten it, or keep this colour as furnishings or accessories. Otherwise while it may be comfortable for you,  your guests may be struggling with overload! Purple is a spiritual colour and non-spiritual people may find it hard to be with .

Your home should be full of colourful vibrations and energy, with cool and warm colours and  complimentary colours each having a balancing  and harmonious effect.  A room full of neutral colours ,with no bright colours can feel very cold and uninspiring. I remember the fashion of every wall having to be magnolia…which is fine if you add colour with furnishings but if you just add beige or neutral furnishings it can become a rather dead and cold area! For instance a room with a lot of brown wood and cream walls feels very masculine but can be lightened with shades of green bringing in the feminine colour to balance.  Shades of orange, peach or apricot can add creativity to a brown room  such as a kitchen.

Ribbons of Colour.

Complimentary colours.

Yellow and Violet

Gold and Indigo

Olive and Magenta

Green and Red

Turquiose and Coral

Blue and Orange




What Soul Colour are you?

Our colour choices often stay the same for most of our lives and these colours are known as our Soul colours. They indicate our strengths and weaknesses, our personality types and our potential in life.

What do your colours reveal about you?

Pink :

Affectionate loving nature. Sympathetic and understanding. May lack will power and show weakness if you cannot control affairs of the heart. Needs support from others and can be childlike in behaviour. You need to love and accept yourself. Becoming more self reliant will attract and give out the feeling of warmth and love you desire.


Impulsive, excitable and energetic. Ambitious and need things to happen quickly when you want them too and be the best in everything that you do. Can be insensitive to the feelings of others as you like to be the centre of attraction. Learn to be a good listener. Red means vital force, with nervous energy urging you to achieve results and be successful. If you wearred a lot it could mean you place importance upon sexual desire but this energy can be best used in creative endeavours, leadership and expansion.  You are courageous  and extroverted but can become bad tempered if you do not get your own way, learn patience. Maroon and Brick Reds show you are fun loving but be careful not to become resentful and feel victimised by others.

Orange, Peach, or Apricot:

Competent, action orientated and impatient. You are also independent , an organiser and self motivated. Orange is the colour of practicality and creativity. Your energy levels are high and often restless. You are competitive, ,active and have a forceful will. You are excitable and can seek domination over others. Bright orange or burnt orange can make you feel frustrated or blocked. Try wearing Peach which will direct your energy to others in a more caring way.


Stimulating and interesting personality. You like to be active and involved in whatever is going on. Livelyand vital, you can cope well with life’s challenges. Bright yellow represents spontaneity and communication.You are active, aspiring and investigatory. There is hope and desire of great happiness which implies some minor conflict in which release is needed. Yellow presses forward to the new modern, developing and unformed, drawing in ideas from the “higher mind”.


Cautious and not inclined to trust others easily. An obsever of life but you do not wish to get involved more than you have to, a quiet life suits you best. You are benevolent , humanistic and service orientated. If you wear blue-green you need a peaceful environment, wishing release from stress and freedom from conflicts or disagreement. You take pains to control  the situation and its problems by proceeding cautiously. You have sensitivity of feeling and a fine eye for detail. Try wearing pale yellow with your green to help you share yourself and develope an optimistic attitude.

Light Blue:

Creative, perceptive and sensitive. You have a good imagination and practical approach to life. Use your knowledge for problem solving. You prefer to do things in your own time and not be rushed, you need a secure and peaceful environment.

Dark Blue:

Self reliant, intelligentand have a great depth of feeling. You feel a responsibility for others and enjoy decision making. You need tranquility and must be surrounded with tenderness, love and affection . Noisy people disturb you and you may suffer from mental stress owing to lack of play and relaxation. Try wearing some blue-greens or greens to help your self expression and improve your health.


Compassionate,  sensitive nature, so you can easily be imposed upon and should be careful to pick friends who are as sensitive as you are yourself. To be happy, work where you feel needed and try wearing lilac or magenta, a colour that has more red in it. This will boost your self confidence and provide your vunerability with protection.


Very intuitive, deep feelings and high asperations.You are interested in the best of everything, including your friends.Lesser mortals do not interest you or enter into your scheme of things except where necessary. Watch that you do not become arrogant , try to make more time for listening. Orchid, violet or grape can make you feel imposed upon by others belief systems , rules and regulations. Try Yoga or meditation to release mind blocks.


White contains all the colours of the spectrum showing you have a well balanced, positive and optimistic personality.  Highly individual , a loner,  and you may even be lonely. It is a simple and pure colour that reaches out for recognition and may indicate you desire a simple lifestyle free from outside pressures. Try to communicate more and be openminded for all things are possible in the white..!


People who wear grey tend to isolate themselves becoming lonely and need freedom from daily stress. You may feel stressed or overburdened and become passive, but you have excellent self control and prefer to remain uninvolved. Try not to be judgemental or too critical.


Brown is the colour of Mother earth and wearing  brown suggests an honest down to earth person who likes a structured, supportive lifestyle. You may be a sensuous type, one who loves good food, good company and the best things in life. While it is a protective grounding colour, you may be bottling up emotions encouraging you to retreat into your shell and fear the outside world..but at the same time feeling protected by the muddy, brown colour. Your wish is to be emotionally secure and accepted by the outside world . You must try to understand and believe in your self worth and ward off narrow mindedness.


Black is the absence of colour… and while you may be strong willed, opinionated and disciplined , you may also be too inflexible and too independent, so watch out that these are not defense tactics! Often people wear Black to use as a cloak in which to hide…lacking confidence and the ability to handle life efficiently. People who want to wear black continuously, may want to renounce everything out of stubborn protest….as black represents renunciation, the ultimate surrender. Black is also worn to show you have control of yourself on occasions where you need to show an authoritative image. Try to be a little more flexible and less opinionated and add a little colour to your black with accessories.

Black is White’s complementary..the two colours represent Alpha and Omega..the beginning and the end. We start in the darkness of ignorance and slowly with conscious effort, walk into the light of understanding.


People who like to wear Magenta are often sensitive, spiritual souls who unconsciously have a need to be closer to the Divine source.You may also be feeling frustrated, despondent, worried or angry. Try to avoid Magenta if you are feeling depressed.  On all levels, physical, emotional and mentally, Magenta is about “Letting go” and this colour gently lifts us out of this demanding world allowing our spirits to soar. It helps us to relinquish old thought patterns that we have been conditioned to follow, releasing emotions that tie us to the past and by giving up an unfulfilling job or relationship that is holding us back. Once we are able to rid ourselves of these impediments, we are then truly free to flow with the energies of life. Magenta has often been referred to as the “Bridge” to heaven in colour healing and is considered capable of enabling the spirit to connect with the universal consciousness.