Elemental beings.

The Omni-Planet  contained within it the natural forces,  the Elemental life, long before mankind entered upon the Planet. These material aspects were not just as dense physical matter but rather the complete full spectrum of matter and anti-matter… matter exists in spectrums, as does light, in which the conscious living aspects were projected and diversified.

The Unicorns are etheric beings, a conscious form of the elemental realm.

The Elementals and all etheric beings, such as the Unicorns and dragons etc. are residing here but in a different realm to the physical one we are in. They are the Divine’s nature Guardians and are sent to safeguard planet earth.


The Unicorn is represented in the context of virtue and purity.

According to Chinese mythology, the fact that the unicorn has not been seen for many centuries was a bad omen, but they are now beginning to reappear as goodness , love and peace, is being brought forth on the planet once again.


Unicorns are Horses which have reincarnated and returned to earth many times (just like us humans) to work through Karma, learn their lessons and ascend as White horses. In this form they can work with us in their spiritual bodies as Unicorns.

These ascended Horses look for those who radiate a light and have visions beyond themselves, working towards changing the world for the better and engaged  in helping others. Unicorns help to give you courage , strength and faith to face your challenges and difficulties with dignity and charisma.

Angels work through the Heart, while Unicorns work with the Soul but they are fully of the Angelic realms living in Higher dimensions. Ascended Unicorns can become Alicorns which reside in the Realms equal to that of the Arcangels.

Sometimes people can feel the presence and energy of the Unicorns but do not see them visually. The first time I saw my Unicorn was while meditating with a Unicorn Meditation on a CD.  My experience was magical and half way through my meditation my beautiful silky White Unicorn  stepped forward and with a flash of white light touched my 3rd eye chakra with its horn and I felt an immediate surge of energy full of love. She was beautiful, loving and awesome….I felt so humbled and blessed as I felt her compassion, power, unconditional love  and ancient wisdom.  I felt a strong feminine energy connection with my Unicorn and immediately wanted to refer to Her as such! 

 Unicorns  have perfectly balanced male and female qualities but are considered to carry the feminine energy. This most certainly came across and I am thinking that now as the feminine energy is rising on this planet there will be a lot more connections with the Unicorns.

Children especially are connect to unicorns and can easily see them! Unicorn energy can help children unable to cope with the heavy vibrations of the earth, such as those with autism and other learning disabilities. I have it on good authority, from a friend’s very gifted 8yr old niece that the Unicorns which are coming in now, 2015,  are not Unicorns but Alicorns…winged Unicorns !   I have since connected with them and feel very blessed. They are definately here protecting our planet Tara.

 These beautiful white horses with white manes and invisible horns protruding form their foreheads are the consciousness of pure love, which they radiate out onto the land.

 Profound healing can happen for humans who access and work with unicorn energy.

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Channelled Unicorn Message:

“Now on earth more than ever the unicorns are sending down their powerful divine love to transmute the fear that has gripped planet earth.   We flock to those who acknowledge us and our role here on earth.

 Call on us to heal your heart, take away past heartache and open you up to a new inflow of divine love available to all who dwell on the planet now.  For the time has come for the unicorns to return to earth to offer lightworkers wisdom and benefit our experience in high vibrational healings.

 We ask that you carry rose quartz when you wish us to heal you and allow us to twirl our horns of light around you showering you in the many colour frequencies you require as you ascend at this important time on earth.

 Be still, let go of your fears and concerns and connect to the unicorn energy which is within, within each one of you just ready to access.”  

Channelled by Alphedia  at  http://alphedia.co.uk


 Often people have a Unicorn Guardian .

 They will have a name and a reason for being with you in this life time.

This Unicorn is personal to you and can be communicated with similarly to a Guardian  Angel.



Colour Mirrors Diamond Unicorn Essences.   


Main group 6 -Unicorn essences

Diamond Unicorn Essences.  ( Leader set- Main Core Group-6)


These beautiful, rather special, high frequecy, Diamond Unicorn spritzers were chanelled through by our very gifted   Julia Meads   who works very closely with animals .  Melissie Jolly , creator of Colour Mirrors kindly agreed to make up the Unicorn essences. This is how we arrived with the two groups. 

(You can find Julia at :-  http://www.unityofenergy.com/  ) (Photos -Julia Meads.)

Julia says “The main purpose of these Unity Unicorns is to reconnect and bring love, peace and joy to all dualities in order to create unity on earth.” The main set of six are core to the future and the second set I am shown are here to aid us for as long as required and call themselves “in service”. Re-awaken to the power of your own soul and allow the Unity Unicorns to move your own personal journey onto another level of being. 

These all hold the energy of theDiamond Unicorn, which is part of the main Colour Mirrors system.

Service group of 6-Unicorn essences

Diamond Unicorn Essences.  ( Service Group -6)


Leader Set

Turqouise D. U.          Silver D. U.          Rose D.U.                 Indigo D. U.            Gold D. U.           Platinum D.U.

Service Set

Rainbow D.U.  Golden Goddess D.U.  Pink D.U.       Black D.U.         Opal D.U.         Sea Green D.U.


Galactic Unicorns.

Picture   Picture   Picture

Violet D.U.       Gold Copper D.U.   Emerald D.U.     Cobalt D.U.     Sea Horse D.U.   Silver Grey D.U.


Special Unity Bottles (by Julia Meads)

Golden Goddess.
This essence allows us to truly reconnect with the feminine energy that has been absent from our earth for many years, not only  helping us with Earth Ascension but also for clearing Egyptian energy.

Although very clear, bright and true, it also has a core strength that appears to connect with our own bone structure and central nervous system. It also appears to be very connected with our own DNA imprint and realigning of this.




Black Opal.


This essence allows us to look into our own shadow side and learn to love the messages and energies that lay there. It is by bringing out the dark that more light is attracted. Look closer and you will see that the bottle contains all the colours of the spectrum and brings in new light of the feminine, hence the Opal.

Opal and Black opal form a whole new spectrum of colour for the future.




Animal Healing:

Clients working in any area with Animals will find these essences benefcial to their healing of animals. By simply letting the animal choose which essence they need, instant healing takes place. Animals instictively know what they need to help themselves heal. You will often see animals licking coal, salt blocks or walls containing minerals or eating herbs, plants that aid digestion etc., so in the same way they respond well to colour healing by feeling the energy of that particular colour.  

I have personally experienced working with Julia and the Unicorn essences and can honestly say they have been life changing and therefore I have decided to include them on my website!


The Diamond Unicorn Essences to order as “Specials”.    If you would like to purchase these or require more information,  please Click Here:  https://www.unityofenergy.com/shop.html




Unicorn Meditations.

Unicorns hold a very high frequency and have walked with us since the times of Atlantis and are now returning to our awareness to help us awaken to the love and the infinite potential we hold within.

Meditations with Unicorns can be very powerful , uplifting and sometimes very magical !

Rainbow Meditation.

Relax….Make yourself comfortable either sitting in a reclined position or lying on the floor or bed. Calm your breathing down so that it flows naturally without any effort. By slowing your physical vibration to a slow  paced, more natural frequency than you normally use, you ease the tension and pressure that you put on your muscles.

Focus on your breathing  and starting with inhaling and exhaling in a balanced rhythm. For example inhale slowly for a count of four ( count, 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 ) and exhale for a beat of five or six. Find a rhythm that suits you and is comfortable. As you practice you can try increasing your own lung capacity.  (Yoga breathing exercises are excellent for meditations)

Relax…allow all your muscles to soften beginning with your toes and working up the body, paying particular attention to your shoulders and neck. Relax your jaw ,eyes and forehead and notice your calm breathing….be at peace.


Now visualise walking barefoot through a wood. Feel and smell the earth between your toes. Take a deep breath in and smell the fragrances of the different trees and colourful flowers. Listen to the rippling of the leaves as a gentle breeze blows through the wood. Touch the trees ….gently run your fingers over the bark …become one with the tree. Look at all the beauty  around you, the animals, birds and allow yourself to feel deep gratitude and love for all of nature.  Now carry on walking until you reach a clearing …. and feel the grass under your feet.

Ask your Guardian Angel to come and walk with you. As you slowly proceed across the clearing, you hear water falling. Then in the distance you see  rocks with a sparkling, cascading waterfall. A beautiful rainbow light surrounds it and as you get closer….through the rainbow mist a fabulous Winged Unicorn appears. The Unicorn invites you to sit on his/her back. Your Guardian Angel lifts you onto the winged Unicorn and then sits behind you enfolding you with their wings. You now experience an amazing transformation ‘double wings’ , which represent freedom within partnership. This is the freedom to be fully yourself whilst working with your guides.

You are now flying on a Unicorn wrapped in the wings of your Guardian Angel  … how do you feel!  The unicorn now flies you over the rainbow and on up over the trees…. how do you feel riding on this magnificent being that is  full of love and compassion?… Open up your heart and allow yourself to be at one with your Unicorn,  as he/she takes you to a soft, sunny, green glade, full of wild flowers. You feel the magic in the air as your Guardian Angel helps you descend from the Unicorn .

Your unicorn now has a message for you “dreams really do come true when you wish for them with all of your heart. This is part of the wisdom from the hidden realms”.

As you stand in front of the Unicorn….tell your Guardian Angel about your wishes, ask for help and guidance about manifesting these heartfelt dreams.

Your Guardian Angel then places their hands over your heart chakra. Feel the love flowing into your heart centre as you open up to receiving your heart’s desire.

Now tell your Unicorn about the longings of your Soul and listen for a reply. Allow your Unicorn to gently touch your third eye chakra with its spiral-horn and as it does so, see… feel and be aware of a cascade of shimmering stars pouring into your third-eye centre.  You now feel yourself surrounded by a soft, pink bubble of light.

Your Guardian Angel helps you once more onto your Unicorn’s back and you both return through the rainbow, back where you started. As you descend, if you wish,  gently stroke your unicorn and before you leave …. Thank your angel and your Winged Unicorn….feel your toes and fingers and gently bring yourself back to the now!



be a unicorn

Other meditations include, Dragon Meditation, Unicorn MeditationWhite light,  Chakra Meditation.

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