This year of 14 in Colour Mirrors is No 14 Movement (Pale Turquoise / Pale Turquoise).

The number 14 is ruled by Mercury – communication and movement. This bottle is about magnetic communication with the public and relates to the media, publishing, television and the internet. The unexpected can happen at any moment. Travel is in the air; good fortune is yours. Soon you will find the sanctuary your spirit calls for.
In numerology, this year becomes No 7- Neptune– who was the Roman god of the sea and rules mystery, spirituality and the depths of the unconscious.

Turquoise relates to mystery, illusion, miracles and faith. If this is your colour, you are always able to hear others troubles and are a great peace-bringer to those suffering difficulties. Clairvoyant and intuitive, it is not easy for you to share your secrets with others so you tend to carry your burdens alone. This is also a time to trust that miracles can happen and that you are on the brink of something wonderful.

14 also becomes No 5- Mercury, this relates to Gemini – movement, communication and versatility. Begin to be the magician and be aware that the old pattern of being the trickster no longer serves you. All has to be upfront and clear in your dealings.

The No 5 is about dealing with issues of discipline and freedom. These colours signify change and new beginnings and are about letting go of all the masks. Everything that you have used to hide behind has to be removed. The truth about your magnificence has to be told clearly and if any part of you still wants to hide, it will make life quite difficult. The answer to the dilemma that these colours present is to be constantly aware of what makes you feel small and to change that.

My feeling for this year is concern for the oceans, the Dolphins and the whales. I have been tuning into the The Dolphin essence, Air essence, which carries the energy of the moon and the cycles and tides, and also the Water essence, (Deep Turquoise) which allows us to connect to the dolphins and whales, those aspects of ourselves that have assisted in keeping the records and holding the energy for earth since the sinking of Atlantis. This is the energy that allows us to feel the joy of existence and it releases our ability to play and have fun – the inner child healed expresses itself through creativity and fun.
Together with their cousins, the Whales, they structure and maintain the Oceanic Grids of the Planet. Their current work is to link the oceanic grids with the land grids in order to expand Human Consciousness.

If Dolphin swims into your life, he is asking you to relish water both physically and mentally, swimming freely and going along with your natural feelings.

Summing up….this is a year of opening up to your true self,  connecting with the higher heart, unconditional love, clearing and clarity, flow and freedom, creating a life that you truly deserve. After all, we are here to have fun and enjoy life!



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Dolphin Essence.

Dolphin Essence.


The complimentary colour of Turquoise is Coral.

Coral is made up of Pink and Yellow. The colours indicate love (pink) and wisdom (yellow) to make the coral. It is a colour that indicates a move away from old patterns of giving power away and to reclaiming who you are and what you are for fearlessly. This is a time of finally standing up and saying: “This is who I am on the planet”.

When we are able to do that with conviction the universe will support us with its blessings and Jupiter’s beneficence will be felt in our lives. This could be a time of great blessings when we unconditionally accept ourselves with love and compassion. No 3 Jupiter is one of our Coral bottles. Huge, expansive and powerful. This bottle resonates with the new Christ Ray.

The Coral Angel essence is the Coral Angel of Manifestation & Magic!

Christabelle helps us feel the wonderment of magic in our lives again. She helps us manifest instantly as we feel it is safe to let go of control and go with the flow. She assists us to stop abuse and bullying, bringing in deep levels of self-acceptance and self-love.

Coral Angel

Coral Angel

No 3 Jupiter

No 3 Jupiter












Have you been wondering why your wishes don’t come true? Why the visions of a brighter future are not happening? Whenever we request something new in our life, the universe always answers YES. But it finds it cannot deliver the dream into your reality because you still hold a pattern that says ‘I don’t deserve it because I am not good enough’ or perhaps a pattern of ‘guilt in receiving too much’.

When manifesting your dreams, open up to receiving them with the full knowledge that it is your divine birth right. God did not say go to the planet and suffer and live in limit and lack. God said go and play, it is paradise.
Find a fun way to write down all your wishes, use colour inks, paint images, create vision boards, and hand them over to the Coral Angel of Magic and Manifestation and ask her to remove any blocks you have in receiving them. Coral Angel will help you love yourself enough to receive.



Below are the Coral Gaias…..



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