Starlight Set

“The Starlights”.

In 2012 Korani Connolly was guided very strongly to offer a Starlight Series of workshops.
Korani was shown three essences, given colours, names and words, Love, Peace  and Joy and then at her request, these were created specifically for this Starlight work by the fabulous Melissie Jolly, creator and founder of Colour Mirrors.


In 2013 , three more new essences arrived : Starlights Freedom, Rapture and Magic and in 2014 we saw the birth of two more Starlight essences. Starlight Being and Starlight Infinity. Korani felt that this was then complete but the universe often has other ideas!

Starlights Set of 8

New Starlight Oils.

“In November 2015 while Korani was in South Africa with Melissie, 6 new Starlight oils were born and suddenly the Starlight Set landed and anchored something huge and potent (and truly beautiful!) on the planet.”

Now in 2016 this set has grown to a total of 13 essences and 6 oils. The last essence is called “Innocence” and it really is something very special!

Starlight Innocence 6

 In Korani’s words: ” As our Ascension journey continues to lead us ever upwards these essences open doors, light the way and guide us home – home to the truth of the light we have always been.  The Starlights are a range of specific frequencies designed to reconnect you with this truth.  They take us beyond what we have ‘known’ with our minds into the knowing that we are each a unique strand in the Divine tapestry, a brilliant point of light that is both individuated and entirely encapsulated in the One. “

I have personally followed Korani’s work and joined her workshops and I have to say , was completely blown away by the high frequencies but also the gentle way in which these special essences work.

These essences are for now…helping us with our Ascension journey, opening doors, lighting the way and guiding us home – home to the truth of the light we have always been.

The starlight essences are designed to be used together, as a team, as they each have a different role.  Spray onto the palm of your hands or spray into your aura and meditate with it .   Allow yourself time to connect to the energy and information and insights it brings and then add in other bottles if you wish. Make grids with them , play with the energies and see what comes up for you! If you would like to have a “Starlight” experience you will find the bottles from the link below or from the Catalogue.

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Starlight Set

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