Mercury went Direct March 17th, 2013.


While Mercury retrograde in Pisces brought lots of insights and helped to realign with our deepest wishes, floating midstream without definite focus what not so easy! While some of us were enjoying this time, others found it a rather bumpy ride..!

Now it seems things are coming into clarity and with the fire energy of Aries and the upcoming Solstice transition, we are bringing things into alignment!




Here is a wonderful spot-on assessment of what we’ve just been through and what we can expect from the always insightful Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:

 “Mercury goes direct in motion March 17, 1:03 pm PDT, 4:03 pm EDT, 8:03 pm Greenwich, and speeds up for the next 10 weeks. This shows a quickening of the ability to coordinate, put things together, understand the whole and the parts, the process and the larger cycles…”

“What does Mercury going stationary direct at 6 Pisces hold for us?…We are told the symbol is ‘Officers on dress parade.’ According to Rudhyar’s notes from the Marc Jones class, this degree is one of ‘self-exaltation through consecration to the task of defending collective values,’ ‘self-testing,’ and ‘perception of high goals.’”

“In ‘The Astrological Mandala’ he states the keynote is ‘The dedication of human beings to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large.’ He notes this is about ‘emotion-arousing appeal of social activities’ where we surrender certain elements of our personal life in order to find ‘support that the socialized person can expect from the collectivity if (they) are ready to act and to sacrifice (themselves) for the nation or the group.”

“He says this degree is about ‘the power generated by a totally accepted and enforced collective discipline, and the exaltation and mass response (those who have) achieved this self-surrender to a social tradition can expect in return. The keyword is GROUP RESPONSIBILITY.’ “

“…Pay attention, since from now through June the lower mind (Mercury) can intuitively ‘know’ what’s coming in May, June, and the first half of July, how those collective developments can be individually coordinated and used in some Pisces way in our personal life and renewed social dedications. This gives us a chance to anticipate what’s coming in the larger field, wherever we are.”

“It also indicates more evolving developments concerning the radical shift humanity went through last Winter Solstice but by and large has no idea what happened. I’m seeing some fairly astounding evolutionary leaps in play, for good or ill depending on how balanced people’s hemispheres are. I’ll be writing more about this in the future.”

“…In any case, we should all start seeing, hearing, and understanding things that point the way to some Mercurial technique of how we have been and continue to be guided to our Soul. Given that it falls at 6 Pisces, it shows us some way to find connectedness on inner and outer levels that can make us more compassionate through a larger view of the human condition, its losses and farewells, its endings and how karma is tallied at the end of the end of any given thing.”

“Here we get a deep sense of how and when to say ‘goodbye,’ or why we had to say goodbye in the recent past, as well as a new role to fulfill within our society. This will help us see higher goals, a larger sense of purpose, and new ‘group responsibilities.‘ The symbol is oriented toward a sense of emotional connection with others who share a common dedication, the shared feelings that the Mutable Water of Pisces symbolizes.”

“…He says the keyword is DISCIPLINE, and when positive, this degree is ‘schooled self-assurance and absolute responsibility.’ The implication is that through Mercury, we have opportunities to grow into a Soul expression through being sensitive to a greater social responsibility and deeper and wider knowing, while using intuitive intelligence to reshape our expression and thereby our reality.”

“…Over the next three weeks through April 6, while it’s still in its ‘shadow period’ from 6 to 20 Pisces…After it leaves its ‘shadow span,’ it quintiles Pluto, sesquisquares Saturn, and then enters Aries on April 13-14, beginning its coordination function to weave together all the other Aries transits we’ve already experienced via Mars, the Sun, and Venus.”

“…Something’s going to give in a big way, but it should create stability, productivity, and great benefit….”

“By April 6-7, Mercury will move out of its shadow span and enter its next ‘unknown zones’ where the themes of this retrograde will be played out in forward motion. So for the next three weeks, expect some very productive intersections of past and future, with a promise of stability once we do a closure ritual and forgive whatever needs forgiving. This is a ‘clean up and out’ time, since the other inner planets are already jump-starting Aries activities wherever these transit our chart.”

“So at the end of this retrograde period, we find ourselves ready to say goodbye, let go of a past, and now living a vaster feeling connection to others or some common purpose we share with others. Spiritual connections are now established, and many will receive rewards for having attuned to a more spiritual way to live, feel, and think.”

“…As Jupiter and Neptune rule Mercury and they are in a subtle aspect indicating the need to overcome some duality by making a leap of faith, keep a sense of humor, see your freedom to move into a future on your own terms, and remember that those who would rule must first learn to serve with a good attitude. This will help us pull out of nosedives, and see how to shift momentum or the trajectory of something and ‘right ourselves gracefully.”

“As Mercury and Neptune are both in Pisces, remember that there are ‘psychic traffic jams’ that are confusing a lot of people, and interactions are becoming very intense. This is a time when we can ‘master discouragement,’ and rally to some task that calls us. Find the knowledge that can ensure some measure of wealth or power, shift direction as needed, and remember that after old responsibilities are fulfilled and you’ve reached a level of mastery in ‘flying by the seat of your pants,’then you get new responsibilities more appropriate to your advanced skills.”

“Demonstrate your skills within cyclic events, don’t let your mind try to leap beyond its own shadow, and show a sense of humor as you figure out the details of a plan. It’s a time of forced growth, so if you’re ambitious, you’ll ‘win a prize.’ Just remember to learn the rules of the game, and play fair as you learn a more open way to cooperate with others.”

“Because of the power of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, there will be tremendous intuition available to those who have done the work and embraced a spiritual discipline. Here our ability to attune to the angels, devas, and all the invisible world, from nature spirits to Masters, attracts a higher awareness or vaster experience.”

“This will be an extraordinarily favorable and productive time of attunement and alignment with the entire invisible world and the life forms helping humanity that can be contacted there. Set aside glamor, desire, ego attachments and push-pull power games, and this can be a time when we really become trained to manifest something deeper and higher than we have before now.”

“We’ve now had opportunities to reshape our motives, or sense of sorrow around what hasn’t worked or is ending. We have begun to glimpse how our needs have been met in the past in just the right ways and times, and how can feel more connected with our wider spiritual family.”

“We now have gotten clear insights into what’s ended or needs to be eliminated in our lives so we can come to a freer, wiser, calm awareness. So now that we’ve done our rehearsals, reviews, revisions, and/or research on how we can coordinate the parts of this emerging process during the past 3 weeks, it’s again time to get it on!!!”

“Here we face the future, and do what we must to weave elements of that future into our current life and affairs. We continue to eliminate attitudes and interpretations no longer appropriate to our emerging process, and can see the interconnectedness of life as we find our unique place to doing our Being in a vaster field of activity.”

“We now begin to ride the edge of extremely dynamic change, finding new forms of demonstrating the power of our new life archetypes we’ve been living…Mercury direct will open many views and perspectives over the next 3 months, and the insights we receive and weaving we do in that period will lead us to a natural and powerful new set of views in July 2013. By November 2013 we will have crystallized a new humanitarianism, a new way of seeing the world of the 5 senses and the mind as ‘the playground of God and Soul,’ and know the wisdom of our ‘God within’ that will show us the way to gather our power to master our physical mechanism.”

“…On the whole this retrograde period has been finalizing, liberating, productive, and emotionally stabilizing. Even though there may have been a lack of clarity or confusion in some ways, or it seems that some things that need to end have been hanging on in a state of indefinite suspension, we’ve also gotten insights, returns, and understanding about things we didn’t know about before the retrograde began.”

“We’ve gotten clear about crosscurrents in our thinking relative to others, and had to see things through their eyes so we could communicate more clearly why our thinking or understanding is different from theirs. It’s also been great to bust old illusions, deceptions, and through seeing the larger phases and stages of unfolding events, and find new ways to see our role while renouncing our own and others’ perceptions that don’t honor our true part in the larger scheme of things.”

“So as Mercury now goes direct in motion, open up and be receptive to higher awareness, higher knowledge, and a greater faith in your ability to know in ways you’ve never known before. We are now solidly in a time of learning deeper experiential methods of weaving things together, and a deeper dedication toward integrating personality within a deeper Soul response. Keep purifying, eliminating, and regenerating your mind and ability to focus without distractions getting in the way. Concentrate to integrate, let go and leap into a new life adventure that’s already prepared for you.”

“We’ve just been through a clarifying period where many things have been reviewed to see what’s over, what needs to be over, and what needs to be regenerated to bring forth the higher awareness we’re already receiving, whether we know it or not. Something has been stabilized, and we can now move forward on the basis of the insights we’ve gained these past several weeks.”

“Things related to Mercury will speed up considerably for the next three months, so go for a new motive and sense of who you are within the larger group or social field you’re in. Continue to adapt with efficiency and a sense of freedom, and get ready for further sacrifices over the next few weeks that will focus and expand your spiritual effectiveness.”

“From here we move forward into a clearer, more exciting future! Revolutionary things are in the air, so concentrate to see the bigger picture. Soon we’ll see events of the past from a higher symbolic angle that show us a new identity has been crafted, and we can now see more clearly what that is and how we can live it wholeheartedly.”

© Copyright 2013 Robert Wilkinson