The Chakras and your health.

Chakras…from the sanskrit for “wheel”, are focal points where the energies contained within the aura are received by the physical body and distributed within it. If  anyone of the chakras are not balanced or if the energies are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down. The individual may feel listless, tired, out of sorts, or depressed. Not only physically will  bodily functions be affected so that diseases may manifest, but the mind may also be affected.   You may be preoccupied with a negative attitude, fear and doubt. You can help prevent this by practicing Yoga and Tai Chi regularly.

 The chakra colours are of the rainbow.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The size and brightness of the wheels vary with individual development, physical condition, energy levels, disease, or stress.
Each chakra vibrates or rotates at a different speed. The root chakra rotates at the slowest speed while the crown or seventh chakra rotates at the highest speed. Each chakra is stimulated by its own and complimentary colour.



Earth star chakra.  

The Earth star chakra… is not within the actual physical body, but is part of the etheric body and is situated  approximately 12 to 18 inches below the soles of the feet. If unbalanced …ungrounded…physical symptoms may include headaches, blurred vision, dizziness and a feeling of not really being on this planet..rather like being a little drunk!  Balanced this chakra aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth… connecting and grounding your body with Mother Gaia, especially in a metaphysical way. Its strong properties keep you grounded, strong, protected and secures your aura within the physical world.

The colours associated with this chakra is Black and White. Sandalphon supports this chakra and is the Twin flame of Metatron.  Sandalphon has a deep connection with music and musicians and encourages us to appreciate the beauty of sound.

Many of your day to day activities have the potential to unground you. Using computers for long periods of time, driving around in your vehicle… and having no real contact with the earth, can make you very ungrounded. Take regular breaks and walk with nature..this is the quickest way to ground yourself again…or sit in your garden, relax, close your eyes, listen to the birds and just be….!

Spiritual work also may make you ungrounded… so afterwards it is best to make sure that you ground yourself quickly. Our spritzers are very helpful for grounding especially the elements such as Earth and Moldavitemaking spiritual grounding easy and may also help those doing psychic work.

As you reconnect to Mother Gaia’s energy, you do two things. You draw from the earth the vibration that enables you to become grounded and discharge into the earth your excess energy.

C1-Coral/Red:-  Root Chakra.

The root chakra is situated at the base of the spine. If this chakra is blocked an individual may feel fearful, anxious, insecure and frustrated. Problems like obesity, anorexia nervosa, and knee troubles can occur. Root body parts include the Adrenals, spine,  hips, legs, bones, lower back and sexual organs. Red affects blood pressure and gives strength and releases adrenaline activating the nerves and the blood. Too much red can make you angry and impatient.

The associated emotional qualities are patience, security, stability, structure and the ability to manifest our dreams into reality.  It also relates to the earth and our basic survival life force. The colors used for this chakra are red, brown and black.

Element:  Earth

Purpose:  Survival in the physical world.

C2-Gold/Orange:-  Sacral Chakra.

This chakra is situated in the pelvic area, just below the naval and inwards towards the spine. It relates to the reproductive organs, especially in the female and affects the mammary glands and it governs our emotions and the flow of fluid throughout  the body. The sacral chakra strengthens the spleen, kidneys, adrenals, lungs and pancreas. Orange is stimulating therefore a good anti-depressant, uplifting and warming. Strengthens immune system and aids digestion.

This chakra is also associated with the moon, the tides, all the cycles and rythms that affect the body and feelings of well being, pleasure, sexuality, gender acceptance and prosperity.

Element:  Water.

Purpose:  Physical creativity and vitality.

C3-Olive/Yellow:-  Solar Plexus .

The Solar Plexus -situated just above the naval and below the sternum. The body parts for this chakra include the  Pancreas, stomach, liver, gall bladder and small intestine.. .strengthens the nervous system and the brain. It activates the lymph system,  cleanses the digestive tract and creates energy in the muscles by activating motor nerves. Linking to your inner wisdom for decision making, it is stimulating, aiding memory and clarity of thought.

The solar plexus is where we experience our natural instinctive power but it can also represent Fear. Physical problems may include digestive difficulties, liver problems, diabetes, nervous exhaustion, and food allergies. Balanced this chakra brings confidence, self esteem, self worth, power and choice.

Element:  Fire.

Purpose:  Attunement with the environment.

C4-Turquoise/Green:- Heart Chakra.

It is located behind the breast bone in front and on the spine between the shoulder blades in back. This is the center for love, compassion and spirituality. This center directs one¹s ability to love themselves and others, to give and to receive love. This is also the chakra connecting body and mind with spirit.

Deep heart hurts can result in aura obstructions called heart scars. When these scars are released, they raise a lot of old pain, but free the heart for healing and new growth. When this chakra is out of balance you may feel sorry for yourself, paranoid, indecisive, afraid of letting go, afraid of getting hurt, or unworthy of love. Physical illnesses include heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia, and difficult in breathing. When this chakra is balanced you may feel compassionate, friendly, empathetic, desire to nurture others and see the good in everyone. Body parts for the fourth chakra include heart, thyroid, parathyroids, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back. The main colors used are pink and green.

Element:  Air.

Purpose:  Living in harmony with others.

C5-Royal Blue/Blue/:- Throat Chakra   

The fifth chakra is referred to as the throat. It is located in the V of the collarbone at the lower neck and is the center of communication, sound, and expression of creativity via thought , speech, and writing. The possibility for change, transformation and healing are located here. The throat is where anger is stored and finally released.

When this chakra is out of balance you may want to hold back, feel timid, be quiet, feel weak, or can¹t express your thoughts. Physical illnesses or ailments include, hyperthyroid, skin irritations, ear infections, sore throat, inflammations, and back pain. When this chakra is balanced you may feel balanced, centered, musically or artistically inspired, and may be a good speaker. Body parts for the fifth chakra are throat, pituitary, neck, teeth, ears, and thyroid gland.

Element:  none.

Purpose:  Personal expression and truth.

C6-Lilac/Royal blue:-  Third Eye Chakra.

The sixth chakra is referred to as the Third Eye. It is located above the physical eyes on the center of the forehead. This is the center for psychic ability, higher intuition, the energies of spirit and light. It also assists in the purification of negative tendencies and in the elimination of selfish attitudes. Through the power of the sixth chakra, you can receive guidance, channel, and tune into your Higher Self.

When this chakra is not balanced you may feel non-assertive, afraid of success, or go the opposite way and be egotistical. Physical symptoms may include headaches, blurred vision, blindness, and eyestrain. When this chakra is balanced and open you are your own master with no fear of death, are not attached to material things, may experience telepathy, astral travel, and past lives. Sixth chakra body parts include the eyes, face, brain, Pineal, lymphatic and endocrine system. The main colors are purple and dark blue.

Element:  None.

Purpose:  Wisdom from the experiences of life.

C7-Magenta/Violet:-  Crown Chakra.

The seventh chakra is referred to as the Crown. It is located just behind the top of the skull. It is the center of spirituality, enlightenment, dynamic thought and energy. It allows for the inward flow of wisdom, and brings the gift of cosmic consciousness. This is also the center of connectedness with the Goddess (God), the place where life animates the physical body. The silver cord that connects the aura bodies extends from the crown. The soul comes into the body through the crown at birth and leaves from the crown at death.

When this chakra is unbalanced there may be a constant sense of frustration, no spark of joy, and destructive feelings. Illnesses may include migraine headaches, depression, mental conditions, tiredness and memory loss. Balanced energy in this chakra may include the ability to open up to the Divine and total access to the unconscious and subconscious. Crown chakra governs the brain and the nervous system, it is connected to the indoctrine system through the pineal gland.  The main colours for the crown are white and purple.

Element:  None

Purpose:  Spirituality.

C8-Pink/Magenta:- Higher Crown Chakra.

The eighth chakra is commonly called the soul star chakra or seat of the soul. It is located above the top of the head… about 4-5 fingers above the head and crown chakra. Also called the Bridge….bringing heaven to earth! This chakra is associated  with spiritual life and experience, deep self-knowledge, sense of oneness and unity, connection to the One, pure consciousness, , transcendence and also connection between individuals and one’s Higher Self.

It is the first transpersonal chakra. Although there is a gateway between it and the crown chakra, commonly called the Stellar Gateway, this is the next chakra above the crown chakra in the etheric body.It is sometimes called the seat of the soul, as it is the point where spiritual energy… and Divine love, enters the body.Via the gateway, Divine light and energy filters down into the crown chakra for distribution throughout the body.

The eighth chakra  relates to infinite energy, spirituality, supreme Divine wisdom and spiritual compassion. It also is associated with the origin of enlightenment , ascension and to the ideal… ‘I transcend’. This chakra meaning is a lot about the idea of ‘letting go’ and allowing the Divine light of Spirit… and the white ray… to fill your life. Balanced energy in this chakra may include the ability to open up spirituality . It deepens and strengthens your connection with your soul. When unbalanced illnesses can include ME, Inner child issues, long standing grief, and sometimes depression.

Those who have developed certain spiritual gifts…. may utilize the soul star chakra… and gain access to the Akashic records. This access may allow your conscious mind to breach the veil of amnesia… which has prevented you from knowing information about past lives and the lessons learned during them. It allows you to let go of old attitudes that may otherwise have held you back in your current life.  The main colour for the higher crown is  White and Magenta.

Element:  None

Purpose:  Spirituality.

Alta Major Chakra.

The alta chakra radiates White and is connected with the carotid glands in the neck. This very important chakra , often known as “the Mouth of God”, is the area where the life force is channelled into the physical body.It is located in the medulla oblongata at the base of the brain and continues into the spinal cord. Health problems include neck and shoulder pain but balanced allows clear channel to the spiritual realms.  Main colour used is white.

Element:  None

Purpose:  Spirituality.


Chakra Layers.

  1. The Crown Chakra: ………    the ketheric layer
  2. The Third Eye Chakra:……. the celestial layer.
  3. The Throat Chakra: ………   the etheric layer.
  4. The Heart Chakra:  ………    the astral layer.
  5. The Solar Plexus Chakra:… the mental or intellectual layer.
  6. The Sacral Chakra: ……….  the emotional layer.
  7. The Root Chakra:  …………..the physical layer.




White Light Meditation.

Relax….Make yourself comfortable either sitting in a reclined position or lying on the floor or bed. Calm your breathing down so that it flows naturally without any effort. By slowing your physical vibration to a slow  paced, more natural frequency than you normally use, you ease the tension and pressure that you put on your muscles.

Focus on your breathing  and starting with inhaling and exhaling in a balanced rhythm. For example inhale slowly for a count of four ( count, 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 ) and exhale for a beat of five or six. Find a rhythm that suits you and is comfortable. As you practice you can try increasing your own lung capacity.  (Yoga breathing exercises are excellent for meditations)

With your first breath ,bring your awarenes into the first chakra and the second breath into the next chakra and so on.  Use your visualisation technique to take your awareness all the way down through each chakra ending at your base -root chakra, slowing your vibration down even further and relax. It is an important factor to achieve an awareness and appreciation of a balanced breathing rhythm. Practise makes perfect and gradually it will become second nature.

As you relax and control your breathing, anxiety stops being manufactured by your biochemical processes, so you relieve the burden of any stress or mental suffering. You can now release and clear the stuck energy forces that hang on in the various chakra centres causing discomfort in your body.

Contemplate the Truth of who you are.

Focus on your breathing pattern and when you are comfortable with your rythmn begin to clear your mind of all thoughts by concentrating on your breath.

As you relax , start to visualise a White light some distance above your head . The stronger your visualisation the greater the significance when you bring down the white light. As you get used to seeing the white light visualise it coming down through the crown chakra, slowly, gently flowing, lovingly, like a waterfall  into and through each of the chakras, one by one, washing and cleansing as it flows and sparkles.

Repeat this exercise several times allowing the white light  to gently heal as it flows through each chakra. As you perform this visualisation the chakra centre will become warm and in due time hot. As it becomes warm you will now know that the chakra centre is completely full with white light and it’s time to move on to the following chakra centre.



Feel and become intuitively aware of this vibration. The Chakra’s are the centre of spiritual power in the body, they are the vibrational centres of our bodies.




Chakra Meditation.

Here is a quick, simple meditation for you to enjoy practicing every day.

 Sit on the floor cross-legged, or on a chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and steadily, focus your energy in the following chakras – starting with the Root (base) and  say quietly to yourself or out loud:


1 Red ~ I am safe… Breathe .

2 Orange ~ I relate to others with ease… Breathe .

3 Yellow ~ I stand in my unique power… Breathe .

4 Green ~ I practice unconditional love and non-judgement… Breathe.

5 Blue /Turquoise~ I express my truth… Breathe.

6 Indigo blue ~ I see situations exactly as they are… Breathe .

7 Violet ~ I am connected to and cared for by the Divine every day, in all ways… Breathe .


This simple method can last as little as 10 minutes, or as long as you would like to focus on each chakra.

As you say each mantra, visualize the corresponding colour in your mind and body as glowing, pure, bright, and enlarging.

Your energy field is constantly changing which is why it is so important to be aware of the state of all of your chakras. All chakras can be in balance and then something in our daily lives (like city pollution, stress, medication, etc.) can cause a few to close, or turn counter clockwise. It is well worth becoming familiar and in tune with each of these seven main chakras.


Colour Vibrations.

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