Colour Consultations .

Colour Mirrors can help with many physical illnesses such as Stress, Anxiety, IBS, Eating Disorders, ME, Bereavement, Lack of self Esteem, Divorce , no Self Confidence, Abuse, bullying, etc..basically everything you consider wrong in your life!  Disease can leave miasms retained within your body still causing problems, from past lives or this life , as does any vaccines you have received.

A consultation using the Colour Mirrors bottles is a wonderful way for you to experience how colour works as a therapy and a guide offering insights into any part of your life that you feel you want to change.  It will also highlight whatever is working in your life and help you to enhance and expand on that.

There are no set rules on how consultations are conducted – except for one…. that they happen with love.   You will find that as a CM and Reiki practitioner, I will hold a loving space for higher guidance for you during our time together. CM practitioners have a profound love of colour and I am in awe at the power of the Colour Mirrors system. It helps us shift, change, grow and evolve, having experienced it for myself in my own life as well as seeing it time and time again with my clients.

Colour Mirrors can be used as a wonderful support in conjunction with many other forms of healing or therapy including EFT, Matrix, NLP, Reiki, Reflexology, Counselling etc. Therefore if you are also working with another therapist CM can compliment the healing.


There are many different types of consultations that I as a practitioner can offer you using colour, but whatever you choose, I will be guided by you and your requirements, along with your own higher guidance .  Colour is a language your body and soul already recognise even if you have never worked with it before and healing with colour is a natural and instinctive process.  Often clients report that they can feel energies moving through them during a session or they have a physical response like heat or cold as they talk about their issue and their desire for change.  Many people feel the energy of the bottles working with them and through them from the moment they walk into the therapy room. In a session you are guided by your own instinctive knowing as to which colours you require at any given time, choosing your own colour ‘remedy’ for whatever it is you are working with rather than being instructed or directed by someone else.  Most people find this hugely empowering.

Consultations tend to last around-  1 Hour.

For the first consultation (allow 1 and 1/2 hrs.) I charge £50.00  thereafter £45.00  per session.

Each bottle costs £40.00 and you will be advised to purchase one to enable your healing to begin. It is possible thereafter to heal with just the consultation bottles but is much more powerful if you can purchase them to work with at your leisure.

If you are having financial problems let me know and we can create a payment plan.

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Types of Consultations:-

Colour Consultation.

In a basic colour consultation you will be asked to choose bottles from the range that appeal to you.  You’ll then arrange the bottles into a pattern and I will interpret and translate the colours and patterns you chose to give insight into where you are presently and where you are going.

Dynamic Consultation 

I partically enjoy this way of working,  responding to you intuitively as you work with me and the bottles lend themselves beautifully to this way of working, which is based around asking questions and using the bottles ‘dynamically’ to bring insight and inspiration to your questions. You may also be encouraged to build up a selection of bottles one by one to reveal the picture of what is going on for you. During dynamic work, you can also move bottles around as and when it feels appropriate to get a physical sense in your body of what you are expressing and experiencing. This can be very powerful.


Chakra Consultation.

Often for a first consultation I will recommend a chakra healing.  The CM Chakra bottles can be used in a number of powerful ways. Placing them on your body during healing can bring deep insights and shifts.  Chakra balancing can identify problem areas causing physical complaints and distress. This healing also includes offering you the joy of experiencing the new or ‘higher’ chakra colours into which our chakras are currently evolving.  You may also work with the chakra bottles in a reading to highlight where particular issues reside in your physical body or to indicate where you are holding on to relationship blocks.

Essences Consultation.

The CM essences can be used in many ways in consultations.  Some times I use a six-pointed star to offer readings, with points representing past, present, future aspects, or challenges, gifts and potential.  They can also be used to highlight what is going on for you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  The essences may also be used to help you on your ascension journey of bringing heaven to earth where these are depicted as the two triangles merging and forming the star. The triangle pointing to the top represents your spiritual body – what you are currently learning and integrating on your path towards self-awareness. The triangle pointing to the earth can give insights into where your material struggles are right now with grounding your spirit into your day to day reality. Bottles placed on these triangles offer insights into how you can integrate your material and spiritual reality.

Using the essences in conjunction with other forms of healing or therapy can aid and enhance the healing process swiftly and powerfully.  You may be asked, for example, what colour an issue or block is and what would help to release it.  Whichever colour you choose, we can use a spritz or two of that particular essence on your body or in your energy field and as these essences work very quickly at an energy level, the shifts which take place are profound and deep.


Archangel Essences.


Oracle Cards Consultation.


If required I also offer readings using the Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards. The cards can be used in the same manner as the bottles, for example, dynamically selecting a card with a question to gain an insight; or choosing cards to represent past/present/future aspects in your life. The cards might also be used in conjunction with a bottle reading, allowing me to feel what is needed by each individual during the reading session.



Other Consultations include:

Metatron Light Healing.

Archangel Metatron is The Angel of Angels, he oversees and governs all the other Archangels and Angels  and is sometimes referred to as The Prince of Angels, or The Chancellor of Heaven or The Great Architect.

When healing with the Metatron Essence I am also channelling the energy of Metatron making it a very powerful healing . This deep magenta essence is of Divine love, for bringing the Divine into everyday experience and releasing judgement. This lightest essence and darkest colour is for bringing truth into the conscious mind so that we might see the light and the dark as one sacred circle. A Metatron Light Healing can really get to the root of an issue. Sometimes it is difficult to release our emotional traumas, the Metatron Essence surrounds you in love and allows you to let go and release, without having to relive the trauma.

Date of Birth Consultation

Date of Birth Reading – using numerology combined with colour to ‘read’ your soul’s blueprint:  why you are here, what is your purpose, the main lessons of your life and what you have come to master.  This form of reading may also be offered for couples to support and enhance your partnership.

Family Tree Consultation

Family Tree Consultation – explains the dynamics within your family and the role each member plays in the group soul.  This form of consultation helps us understand and become more compassionate with ourselves and our family members as we gain a deeper understanding of each one’s purpose as teacher and spiritual support.

Usui Reiki Healing.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a simple but powerful Japenese technique to promote healing, reduce stress and aid relaxation. It was discovered by Mikao Usui in March 1922.

Reiki is administered by “Laying on hands” but can also be hands off if required. I can also add colour to your Reiki healing, thus making the healing even more powerful! I have had some wonderful results working with Colour and Reiki energies.

Reiki Healing consultation. £38.00 for a full Hour session.

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These are just some of the ways I work as a practitioner  using colour to support you and enhance your life.  There really is no limit to the ways in which colour and Colour Mirrors can be used and as a practitioner I work in my own unique way.


For any issues or discomfort  whilst using Colour Mirrors oils /essences on yourself which may arise after sessions, you are expected to return and discuss at another session for further guidance, to continue your healing. Ignoring  any new issues will delay your progress and ongoing healing.


All information and advice given either on this website, or within private sessions with me, are intended for guidance and self development purposes and are in no way intended to replace medical advice or diagnosis.
Your ultimate choice and decision belongs to you. 

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