These first Gaias are our awakeners.

Holding them, meditating with them – even just sitting and looking at these bottles – can bring about shifts in your energy field. When we bath in these high frequency oils, things really start to happen!  The Gold, Platinum and Coral Gaia bottles deal with issues powerfully and swiftly, opening you to higher levels of consciousness and assisting you in stepping into the power of your true light.

Copper Gaia Essential Oils.

Copper Gaia Essential Oils


Colour Mirrors has a powerful range of Gaia bottles, mirroring the Earth’s transition into a higher dimensional frequency. Starting with Copper and moving into the higher frequency light of the golds,  platinumsand corals.

The Gaia bottles began with the Clear and Copper which mirrored the brown earth we found ourselves on and needed to connect with. As our relationship with the earth developed we came to the last Copper Gaia bottle which reflected the truth that the light was within. Cost of complete set of 8 bottles= £240.00.


The Golden Gaia Essential Oils  –   The 7 Golden Keys of Ascension.


Golden Gaias


These bottles of gold and colour form a divine, high-vibration set to guide and assist us on a fast-track journey to that which we call Ascension.

“The Language of Light by Korani, relates to the Golden Gaias . Published and written by Korani at the end of 2009, this book is a guide to Ascension and a remembering of the language of your soul – the language of light.

The Language of Light is a book which takes you on a journey through the 7 Golden Keys to raise your vibration and help you discover who you authentically are.  As you read the book you have the option of connecting with the seven Golden Gaia bottles above that are linked to each of the seven Golden Keys.   Cost of complete set of 7 bottles= £210.00.  To order Book click here.

 Platinum Gaia Essential Oils.

Platinum Gaia Essential Oils


After the Golden Keys came the Platinum Gaias, beautiful complementaries to the Golds. For example, G9 (Faith), the first of the Golden Gaias, is turquoise and gold and its complementary G16 (Serenity) is coral and platinum. The Gold and Platinum bottles complement each other in colour , vibration and the information they bring, each supporting and enhancing the other.

Words from Melissie Jolly, about the Platinum Ray:

“The purity of the platinum draws up what is heavy and shifts it without fuss. Platinum reflects its beauty through whatever we put with it – that’s its main job. It is the Zero state. When we are in it we can only see perfection. If we are “there” nothing we see is not part of that and so all becomes beauty/perfection/love because that is all that exists.”

The Platinum Gaia bottles make what was not so easy before somehow possible, swiftly and with grace and assist us in releasing resistance.  Platinum takes us into our vastness, restores us to a higher view, reconnects us with our Divine essence.  Cost of complete set of 7 bottles = £210.00

An E Book of Platinum Light by Korani can be purchased to go alongside using these beautiful bottles. Click here.


Coral Gaia Essential Oils.


In 2011, five Coral Gaia bottles were added.  These take our expanded high frequency energies of gold and platinum and bring them firmly down to Earth, to land in our bodies – the only place from which we can truly fully live our vastness!  These five coral Gaias end on a bottle that is not coral at all, but Diamond Light. This is where we get to encompass everything that we are and gather it together into Unity, oneness.

Words from Melissie Jolly:

“The Coral Gaias form the fourth level of Gaia bottles. We began with copper which mirrored the brown earth we found ourselves on. As our relationship with the earth developed we came to the last Copper Gaia bottle which reflected the truth that the light was within and it was all part of the Divine. We could then receive the promise of the Golden Gaias and the vision of a new earth. The Platinum Gaias came next and showed us the bigger cosmic picture, and now finally we have the Coral Gaias and their message is to bring all that golden and cosmic promise home and live it in our bodies.”

Cost of complete set of 5 bottles = £150.00.

The Gold, Platinum and Coral Gaia bottles deal with issues powerfully and swiftly, opening you to higher levels of consciousness and assisting you in stepping into the power of your true light.

As we follow the trail of the Gaia bottles we see that a perfect story for life on earth is laid out before us. Copper is where it all began, it is the story of our planet’s history and gives us the foundation for what is to come. Gold brings us the vision of the new earth and shows us her transformation from density to light. Platinum opens the gates to our cosmic consciousness, allowing us to remember again our wholeness. Coral absorbs all the light of our vastness and brings it fully back into the body so that we might live upon the new earth in a new way.


.Silver Gaias. The Homecoming.……………….

New Sparkling bottles……………………………………………………………………

Now, with silver, we truly begin the process of transmuting the body into its new light, its new DNA, its new potential. We are propelled forward to a new era. The Silver Gaias tell us ” It is time!”

The six Silver Gaia bottles were created in 2012. There we have 12 fractions, each one representing a strand of the 12-strand DNA that is being activated within us at this time as we more fully embody the Divine truth of who we are when we are not playing at being limited versions of ourselves. The Silver Gaias are the homecoming we have longed for. They guide us home to our star, but more importantly, they bring us home to ourselves, to the light within.

Cost of complete set of 6 bottles = £180.00.   Read more about the Silver Gaias Here.

2016  – The Magnificent Magentas.

The New Magenta  Gaia bottles.

Recently in the summer of 2016Melissie brought through three new Magenta Gaia bottles and they are causing quite a stir!  These beautiful oils – G34 The Gold Anchor, G35 The Platinum Anchor and G36 The Love Anchor – hold the depth of our connection to the Divine.

Bottle G34Bottle G35Bottle G36

Melissie’s message about the Magentas is as follows:  “Those who are drawn to these bottles are the ones who came in with a huge purpose but their journey has often been extremely difficult.  They were the forerunners and incarnated to activate the grid that would eventually enfold the planet and move it into the Golden Age. Their gift to the planet was bigger than they or anyone around them could understand.  They are moving and shaking the planet in the birthing of what is the new age.”

Cost of these 3 bottles bottles = £90.

Please click Here to buy or read more.  Alternatively visit the Catalogue


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