About Colour Mirrors.


Colour Mirrors is managed by the team of Melissie Jolly, Moira Bush and Korani Connolly.

Melissie, who is the founder and creator of the  system, makes the bottles in South Africa and teaches internationally.


Moira sets up and supports Distribution Centres and manages the website and business administration.


Korani is our scribe and editor and by working with Melissie she has written two books about the Colour Mirrors system and developed new training programmes. Melissie has trained both Korani and Moira to teach practitioners how to become Teachers of Colour.



History of Colour Mirrors.

The Colour Mirrors system was developed by Melissie Jolly in South Africa during November 2001. Seven years later, in November 2008, the name Colour Mirrors appeared, replacing the original name Colour Works. This name change  seemed to reflect  perfectly  the next phase of the system .  The name Colour Mirrors is exactly what this system offers – an opportunity to look at the reflections of our reality around us through colour analysis and to raise our self-awareness.

Melissie teaches that we cannot wipe the image in the mirror.  We cannot change others, we can only change ourselves as we are the source of energy that creates our reality around us.

Melissie’s background and training was in Psychology and Fine Art. She noticed how people changed when working with certain colours and felt drawn to using colour analysis. Melissie worked for 10 years with a colour system from England before creating the Colour Mirrors system. Colour Mirrors has simplified and made accessible the use of Colour Analysis to anyone who wishes to be supported by or trained in the use of Colour Therapy.
The first set of bottles to be created were numbered 1 to 33. Melissie knew that these bottles needed to be specific colours to connect with each of the numbers. Realising a need for a quicker fix than that which the Oil bottles provided  the spritzer bottles, called Scent by Angels, were created.  Closely followed by the Elementals and Dragon essences.

During 2009, a Diamond Unicorn was added and a Turquoise Dragon.  The system also grew to include 7 copper coloured “Gaia” bottles and 15 Chakra oils that represent the traditional chakra colours and the newer transitional colours our bodies are now taking on.



Colour Mirror Oils and Essences.

Colour Mirrors is a dynamic and powerful system which uses colour, energy and light to assist you with:

Chakra healing.                                                                            
Unlocking and enhancing your potential.
Discovering your life purpose.
Depression and Bereavement.
Eating and Digestive Disorders.
Opening to joy.
Releasing and overcoming blocks which can cause illness.
Acknowledging your gifts .
Accelerating your growth and healing.
Developing self-belief and self-worth.
Guiding you on your path.


Colour  helps you reconnect your spirit with your body, so you can truly act as a channel for divine love and light here on the planet.

Just as we have family illnesses, we also take on family patterns of behaviour. The bottles are effective in helping you make changes because they have a direct effect on your energy body and they bypass the conscious mind, therefore helping you to clear issues you may be blocking or resisting on some level.

Each bottle has its own meaning, its own message or vibration. You will be drawn to some and not others, and your choices will reveal information, insights and understanding about yourself and your life.


The Colour Mirrors system consists of:

36 colour-combination oil bottles to connect you with what you need to know in your life right now .

15 chakra bottles to work with in healing sessions and for raising your vibration

22 Gaia essences which link you to the energy of the Earth including new Gold and Platinum rays to link you to the “New Earth”

27 colour essence bottles for loving support for physical, emotional and spiritual issues
The system is made up of natural colouring, essential oils and flower/plant essences from the Southern Hemisphere and it is activated by crystals, also found in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are links within the system to Whale, Dolphin, Angels, Dragons, Unicorn, Elemental and Goddess energies as well as connections with Melchezidek, Metatron, the Christ consciousness light . The system includes the New Lighter body Colours such as Turquoise, Olive, Coral, Gold, Magenta, Pink, and Copper as well as the traditional beautiful rainbow colours.

Spritzer Essences
The essences bring instant support. They are practical to use as well as being both nurturing and empowering. Spray into your hands, around your body and aura, before a meditation  and deeply breathe in the beautiful scents to make your experience a multi-sensory one! Alternatively spritz into your bath water, relax and soak for at least 20minutes.

When we look at colours in combination, we get another new whole layer of information.
As an example, with yellow and violet, we see personal power (yellow) and inner spiritual power (violet) coming together. These two colours together can relate to betrayal by someone in authority and this could lead to difficulty trusting in leaders or being in leadership positions.

Other Bottles -follow the Link for Silver Gaias...made in 2012.