The Silver Gaias.



The  Silver Gaias, the New Earth Frequencies.

Silver Gaias. Homecoming.

Silver is both crystalline and of the earth and aligned with the moon and the stars.It is also a transmitter and a receiver and opens the way for communication on an unimaginal scale.

Silver is an amplifier, reflecting and mirroring our truth, if we allow it , in an instant.



G28 – G33


Silver Gaias, they made themselves known with the August, full moon. 2012

(photo by Sam Thorpe, Colour Mirrors practioner)

The silver gaias remind us that love is not always a sweet warm feeling but is in fact the most powerful current of energy in the universe, coming in many forms.The silver gaias are the Homecoming we have been waiting for, guiding us home to our star and bringing us home to ourselves, to the Light within.


G28 Turq/silver

New Dawn .


G29 Silver/Turq

Children of the Light.





   G30  Indigo/Silver

   Wisdom Keeper.



   G31 Silver/Indigo

   Galactic Gateway.





G32 Rose/Silver

Garden of light.



G33 Silver/rose

Tree of Love.



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