Colour Mirrors Book by Korani and Melissie Jolly.


The very first book written about the Colour Mirrors system, “Colour Works”, was written and published during 2006  (Now out of print)  Since that time, the system has changed its name and expanded, the number of bottles has increased and we have many more years of experience in working with these energies.

During 2011 Korani and Melissie began working on updating the book about Colour Mirrors, incorporating some of the gems of information and insight that Philippa and Melissie shared in “Colour Works” based on their combined 40 years of working with colour but essentially it is a completely new book.  Added to the new book will be simple introductory information about what colour is, what Colour Mirrors is, how we can use it, colour as a mirror, the spiritual principles of colour and experiences of the teachers and practitioners of Colour Mirrors. This book will not only serve as a reference book for students of colour, it will be enjoyed as easy reading for anyone who has their first contact with the power that is colour. Email to order book.




The Language of Light by Korani.


Published and written by Korani at the end of 2009, this book is a guide to Ascension and a remembering of the language of your soul – the language of light.

This book takes you on a journey through seven Golden Keys to raise your vibration and help you discover who you authentically are.

As you read the book you have the option of connecting with the seven Golden Gaia bottles that are linked to each of the seven Golden Keys.

Each bottle is at least one half gold and will add further support for your body to the transformation this book offers.

The energy transmissions in this book, called harmonics, are very potent and immediately felt by your body.

This book is a serious charge of golden  light and will accelerate your journey as you are shown how to find the truth of who you really are and reclaim your power.


Colour Mirrors Oracle cards, created by Moira Bush during 2011.

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Moira and Melissie worked together on creating the names of the cards and with the help of a graphic designer adapted the Merkaba as the cover design from an image found on the floor of the St Marcus Basilica in Venice. The full story of how these cards were created can be read on Moira’s website.

There are 44 cards:

 18 Colour, 11 Angels, 9 Dragons and 6 Elementals.

The 60 page colour booklet features each of the cards’ messages and also includes an overview of what colour therapy is and how a colour system works. Each card offers an insight into your issues and at the same time serves to share with you what different colours mean – so that you can begin to use colour consciously to attract into your life what you most desire. Understanding the language colour also means that you can use it to understand your issues and to let go of the patterns you no longer want in your life.

The cards are intended to help you learn some of the meanings of the different colours, as well as to receive personal guidance and insights when you need it. The card you are mostly attracted to will serve as a guide as to which bottle is able to help you with your specific issue.

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I also have a few copies of “What the Seeker Found” an Enlightening question and answer book by Melissie Jolly. .

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 E-Books:    A Book of Platinum Light by Korani

At the end of 2010 Korani received the next ‘instalment’ of her written work, following on from “The Language of Light”.Her short, powerful e-book, “A Book of Platinum Light emits the pure ray of platinum light through seven ‘Platinum Portals’, linked to the seven Platinum Gaia bottles. The Portals are similar to the harmonics in The Language of Light in that they produce a powerful energetic effect in your body and auric field as you receive the platinum light frequencies.   ( .

In Korani’s words :-

“In this e-book, through the brief yet light-fueled words of each Portal, there will be particular frequencies which touch you at a cellular level as you read.  Your head may not understand exactly what is happening, but if you open to the “infinite” you, you will find that you know anyway – with your heart, with your soul, with your body.  Allow it all.  Let Platinum Light be a catalyst to your awakening to the truth and vastness of who you are.”

I thoroughly recommend you buy this e’book to work with when enjoying and using the Platinum Gaias. They are part of the new earth energies and help us to adjust to the new realities of this planet.

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