Colour is my  life.

Carol Hastings

Carol  Hastings


I have been connected to the Arts and love of Nature all my life . Brought up in the English countryside it wasn’t difficult to respect, love and appreciate the beauty around me.

I began learning about colour from a very early age, winning several Painting competitions before leaving my first school. Sadly, while at my senior school my art was not developed as our tutor was a crafter, not a painter.

Nevertheless I was able to experience Art in a new form when in my teens I trained as a Professional Florist , passing exams, gaining various Certificates, teaching Floristry at The local College and eventually owning my own business. My first journey with colour made me realise I could tune into my customer’s recipients’ energy to choose the exact colours they preferred. I often got a “Thank You” for choosing the colours of their choice! Magic!

One of my passions at work was Window dressing. This I found quite challenging!

Colour became a way of life for me. While bringing up a family I was free-lancing with my floristry doing “Weddings, church and reception flowers” at home.  Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of making someones day very special and the bond developed with their family!………..

In 1997,  after years of suffering, I was diagnosed as having more food intolerances and several  allergies, including most pollens. This meant I could no longer remain in my career as a Professional Florist. I was put on a Gluten, dairy free and sugar free diet. My health improved until I had an early menopause (probably due to my father’s sudden death) and I crashed into Chronic Fatigue syndrome(CFS). This was extremely debilitating and I had difficulty in looking after my family and keeping my job. I was very lucky to have understanding family and work colleagues although it was very difficult at times.

I had become either allergic or had bad reactions to most NHS prescriptions. Therefore because of having to find alternative remedies and therapies to help my ongoing health problems, I became very interested in and used,  Herbal supplements, Aromatherapy, Flower essences, Aqua Puncture and tried most alternative, holistic, natural therapies.

My research for good health brought me back to nutrition, Yoga and Tia Chi, which not only kept my sanity and mobility.but improved my health greatly and I regained my energy,
It therefore seemed a natural progression to train as a Phytotherapist and Nutritional Supplement Advisor with our local Health store. We were trained in various Holistic therapies and this I thoroughly enjoyed , gained various certificates and had great satisfaction in knowing that I could help improve someones health and give them a better quality of life.  At this time I  also decided to be the co-ordinator for Wiltshire’s I.B.S. Self Help group (Candida, Food Allergies, etc) , which I conducted mostly in store , although we did have regular meetings.

Being a practioner gave me a feeling of self worth. Where the NHS were failing patients we were getting the fall out. Customers were often arriving in our Health store with tears of desperation  only to return a few weeks later to thank us and report on their improved progress. I was able to help desperate people regain their faith in human nature and give them much needed support in their recovery.

During 2005- 6 I had a family crisis. It was a very difficult time for me but then one day, in the Summer of 2007, a practitioner gave me a handful of leaflets to put into our display stand at work. I read one and it was advertising a Colour Works workshop!  My ray of sunshine had arrived.

I felt I needed a change of direction, something  new to focus on that would also bring enjoyment,  so I rang the practioner and booked the 2 workshops     (Later re-named Colour Mirrors)

I had no idea what I was letting myself in for !  My first impression of all the bottles lined up was simply  “WOW!”  just look at all those wonderful bright colours”!

In the first workshop we experienced the lovely herbal aromas of the spritzers…so similar to the fragrances of Essential oils used in Aromatherapy. The best part was that we got to experience them, developing various patterns with the Oils and experiencing the healing and meditations with the spritzers for ourselves. I regularly use essential oils so it was only natural I should fall in love with the Metatron, Angel and Dragon essences. I was well and truly hooked ! During the workshops we were also given a Metatron healing so that we could understand how the bottles worked. The following week after the initial tiredness , often felt after the healing process and releasing toxins,  I couldn’t quite believe how uplifted and alive I felt…!

One of my first baths in the oils was G8 – I was amazed ! I could now, finally, see the light at the end of the Tunnel.  So it is not surprising that the bottle chosen G8 was called “Illumination” and the message  read  “ it is only by going into the darkness and embracing it that we have the potential to step into the light.” The depression and stress I had felt since my mother’s passing finally lifted and my mood was so much lighter.

Since then after a self discovery and healing journey using the oils and spritzers, I have become a Colour Mirrors Practitioner and in 2015 qualified as a Colour Mirrors Teacher. I can’t thank  Melissie Jolly and Korani my tutor, enough for all their help. I have joined the wonderful Colour Mirrors family which consists of many gifted and talented practitioners. My life now has Focus and a future!


Working with clients is a joy and privilege and it is wonderful to see them grow and realise their potential, both physically and spiritually.

My colour journey continues……!






Colour is Energy.  Colour is Vibration. Colour is Light. Colour is Reflections.


The Spiritual part of my life was put on hold for the best part of my life , mostly because I was not encouraged to follow the path of the life I felt I wanted to lead. I loved nature and everything in it. I saw myself learning about the wisdom of herbs especially for healing, which was inspired  by my mother and grandmother in the use of cooking and occasional medicine. As I grew up I dreamed of  healing people (as my mother had a career as a Nurse) with herbal remedies so I liked the idea of becoming  a herbalist.

Nevertheless as a teenager, I still wanted to join the peace and love, new age festivals at Stonehenge and other places where I could be a free spirit, but at that time I was newly married and my views were not shared! Life took over and  as I brought up my children I learnt a very valuable life lesson in unconditional love.

  As a very small child I remember questioning , “why am I in this body, why am I here, what am I supposed to be doing here on this planet?”

Before the age of 12yrs I was having regular fears, mostly at night, surrounding death. Looking back now I remember it was not death I feared, it was the fear of not being… not knowing… not feeling… not seeing … not loving or being loved… not being able to keep those memories of being alive. What was the point of living if all the knowledge and love died with you? It would be as though you never existed. When I die would there be only darkness, nothingness? As a small child these thoughts were very deep and frightening!  These fears stayed with me into adult hood, surfacing now and again but decreasing as my life got much busier.

The point I want to make here is the way I see things now. Thanks to my colour healing with the all powerful Colour Mirrors bottles, I have my spiritual awakening. Finally I can now see and understand my life path and my soul path. I see things differently now. The word “God” has been so misused over the centuries that I now prefer to use the reference of Divine spirit or source.

What if  instead of being a human being waiting to become Spirit,  we are Spirit come to earth to experience  life on earth as a human being. We are light beings of energy capable of many things we have not yet explored. We have the opportunity of ascension and reincarnating again if we so wish.

I personally find this way of thinking, much more acceptable to reassure that very young scared child of that deep darkness of the unknown…. I only needed someone to tell me that Divine Love stays with you for eternity along with our lessons learned and if I so choose I can come back and do it all again!

I now easily talk about my unconditional love for the Etheric beings, the Dragons, Unicorns,  Angels and Fairies and Elementals.  Firstly, I am a Mother of four beautiful beings and secondly, an Energist, Usui Reiki Healer….a Colour Mirrors Practitioner/Teacher, and much more. My mission is to help people realise their potential and gain better health.

We are all of the Divine source therefore we are divine.

The Divine is perfect and therefore we also are perfect.

We are one.

This delicate colour combination reminds you that only love exists and that everything you have experienced was chosen by you as an expression of Divine love  (Pale Gold over Pale Pink)...(.


 You are God in a body.

You never left home in the first place.

You are it and it is you and there NEVER was any separation .

Everything is as it should be, just as it always will be.

(Words of Wisdom from Melissie)



Love, Peace and Joy to all. – Carol Hastings.


Colour Mirrors Practitioner, Advanced Colour, CM Teacher, Metatronic Light practitioner,

Usui Reiki Energy Healer.

QiGong Teacher.


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