The Aura is an energy field that surrounds all living things, comprised of magnetic energy, this field is unique to each individual. Humans are complex , dynamic, constantly changing beings and as such the auric field of each person is also unique and changing. When we perceive an event through our senses this information is given meaning in our brain. This electrochemical process has an effect on the body. The brain sends electrical and chemical information through our body constantly regulating everything from how we feel emotionally, to how we feel physically. The path of flow for information in our body is the spine. As information comes from the brain and travels down the spine a direction of current flow is established, at a right angle to this flow of magnetic energy is your personal field or Aura.

Beyond the physical body, there are additional Etheric chakras in the aura.  These are non-physical chakras which become more apparent  in the auras of clients who are advanced on the spiritual path.

These Etheric chakras function differently than the physical-body chakras. They are regulators of light and play a vital role in the formation of the lightbody.

Tai Chi and Yoga  both have meditations and exercises to help visualise the seven layers of the aura.  The aura has the upside down egg shape and separates into three major groups. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer form the first group which is closest to the physical body, then followed by the second group of 4th and 5th auric layer. The 6th and 7th layer which forms the third group, is the last and furthest from the physical body.




Etheric Chakra Layers.

  1. The Crown Chakra: ………    the ketheric layer
  2. The Third Eye Chakra:……. the celestial layer.
  3. The Throat Chakra: ………   the etheric layer.
  4. The Heart Chakra:  ………    the astral layer.
  5. The Solar Plexus Chakra:… the mental or intellectual layer.
  6. The Sacral Chakra: ……….  the emotional layer.
  7. The Root Chakra:  …………..the physical layer.




The Aura is a device through which you create our own experience of reality, of health, emotions, mind and spirituality. It is a major energy field which surrounds the human body. There are seven major auric layers, known at this time. There is a symbiotic (a mutually beneficial ) relationship between your auric layers and the seven chakras of your body.


1- The Causal body or Ketheric layer is connected to the crown chakra and is a type of photographic negative of the mental and spiritual aspects of the person. It is usually filled with golden shimmering light and is surrounded by a gold or silver halo or outer rim of protection. It extends from three feet to four feet (130cms.) outwards from the person.

2- The Celestial body is the sixth auric field and is connected to the third eye chakra . It is filled with mother of pearl colours and energies, and extends two to three feet (90cms.) from the body. It is the layer through which you can experience spiritual ecstasy.

3- The Etheric  layer lies beyond the astral field and is a type of x-ray or blueprint of the physical body. Illness or blocks can be observed and treated in this field and this is relayed to the physical body. It extends one to two feet (60cms.) from the body. This field is connected to the throat chakra. It is usually observed as grey/blue in colour.

4- The Astral body lies beyond the mental body and is closely connected to the heart chakra. It is full of beautiful pastel colours such as pinks and blues when healthy and unblocked. It extends up to one foot (30cms.) from the body and indicates your capacity for conditional and unconditional love.

5- The Mental body lies beyond the emotional body and it is connected to the solar plexus chakra. It is composed of clear yellow, green or blue colours when healthy and extends three to eight inches (19cms) out from the body. It indicates the thoughts and attitudes of the person. 

6- The Emotional body lies beyond the etheric field and extends to one to three inches (8cms.). It is strongly connected to the sacral, pelvic chakra. It contains, when healthy, beautiful bright blobs of energy and colour. These primary colours are emitted as the emotions change.

7- The Etheric layer lies close to the human body approximately half an inch wide (1.3cms). It is primarily connected to the Base or Kundalini chakra (life force).  It is usually grey, white or blue in colour. Its vibrancy indicates strong or weak health. It is the most easily seen auric layer or etheric field. This field can also be seen around trees, plants, animals and even inanimate objects such as furniture.  A white or black background will often highlight the etheric field.

Life Force Energy,  otherwise known as Chi, Prana , Qi or  Ki,  call it what you will, this energy is the life force itself. The living body, human or animal, radiates its warmth and energy. When our chi is high and flowing freely around our whole energy body, we feel healthy, strong, fit and full of energy. We also feel confident, ready to enjoy life and take on its challenges, and are much less likely to become ill.

However if our Chi…. is low, or if there is a restriction or blockage in its flow… we feel weak, tired, listless and lethargic, and are much more vulnerable to illness or “dis-ease”.

Basically there are three main sources of life force energy:

  • Solar – absorbed from sunlight, is invigorating and promotes good health through sun exposure , approximately 20 minutes a day, before 11am and after 3pm.
  • Air – absorbed into lungs through breathing and also absorbed by the energy centres of the bio-plasmic (energy) body. The energy centres are called chakras. More air chi … can be absorbed by deep, slow, rhythmic breathing than by short, shallow breathing. We breathe and absorb it through our auric fields.
  • Earth– This energy is absorbed through the soles of the feet, which happens automatically and unconsciously. Walking barefoot upon the earth  increases the amount of ground chi …. absorbed by the body. Practicing Yoga and Tai Chi type exercises , instead of this process remaining unconscious, one can learn to make it conscious and draw in more ground energy, thus increasing vitality, capacity to do more work and ability to think more clearly.

Water… is filled with Chi energy and also some foods. Chi energy is everywhere ,  all animal and plant life , it is the connective force of the Universe so there is a limitless supply.




Seven archangels

Healing Properties of Colour,  on a soul level.

The seven rays are the original Divine qualities of the Absolute. Each individual human soul is an essential part of one of the Seven Rays, and through a succession of lifetimes the qualities of that Ray are developed and refined, to further the evolution of Humanity.

The Seven Archangels around the Throne of God are respectively what we call the Seven Rays, or cosmic Celestial Rays and those rays make up absolutely everything.

These Seven Archangels are radiating from the white central God son. Each of the seven Archangels is assigned to a particular Ray of light.

  Michael , god’s strength, is represented by the Blue Ray with his symbol the flaming blue sword.

Jophiel symbolising wisdom is shown with a golden book in the Gold Ray.

 Chamuel represents love and is seen with a pink heart seated in a Pink Ray.

Gabriel signifies purity and is and is portrayed with a lily and a pyramid in the White ray.

Raphael , god’s healer, is portrayed in the Green Ray with a green lantern and the serpent of healing.

Uriel, the light of god, is represented by the Red Ray with an open hand holding a flame.

Zedkiel, the benevolence of god, is in the Violet Ray with his symbol the transmuting violet flame.


Clear…. helps to increase the higher levels of Being, this includes the ability to be less attached to expectations and outcomes. It helps develop the natural intuition of trust and the ability to listen and be more aware.

Red …..aligns to the 1st Ray of the Crown Centre and the Will of God. It helps to stimulate the ability to trust ourselves and the choices we make in life. It revitalises the glands and immune system. Red also strengthens the ability to be more courageous in life.

Aqua... aligns to the 2nd Ray of the Heart Centre of Loving Wisdom and Understanding. This increases the natural integration of your Soul and higher mental clarity that stimulates the spontaneous healing from Love in your mental, emotional and physical bodies with the Light of the Soul. It also helps to heal mental criticism and fear.

Yellowaligns to the 3rd Ray of the Throat Centre of Creative Active Intelligence. It promotes mental activity of creative thought. It balances the nerves and stimulates the healing of wounds and skin problems. It is also good for balancing an overly active mind.

Orange aligns to the 4th Ray of the Base Centre of harmony through conflict. Orange helps to restore the balance  where there is stress and a lowering of vitality to the glands and organs. It behaves like a laxative and  helps to reduce problems with the bowels, while also helping to increase digestion. Orange balances the mental and emotional bodies from the effects of worry and depression.

Green…. aligns to the 5th Ray of the Brow Centre of Revelation. Green helps to release the concrete mind and increase a more open mind that can de-crystallize the lack of ability to realize a greater truth. It helps to relax the mind, emotions and physical body. Green provides balance and stimulates the natural magnetic healing abilities  in all of humanity and animals.

Violet…. aligns to the 6th Ray of the Solar Plexus of Devotion and Reverence. It heals the emotional attachment of desires and obsessions and releases the astral nature of hate and aggression to be transformed into Soulful Love.

Blue ….aligns to the 7th Ray and the Sacral Centre – the sexual Centre of Relationships. This colour helps you to relax and increases self control. It helps to increase communication on all levels and to learn to forgive and forget the past negative relationships that block the ability to be open to new relationships that are loving and supportive, rather than attract negative and emotional non-supportive relationships.

Rainbow contains the full colour spectrum of white light and provides the full range of Colour Therapy, balancing the Body, Mind and Emotions. Rainbow helps to release the past that blocks the ability to be spontaneous. It helps to detoxify the Blood from impurities and helps to release impurities while dieting or exercising.

Seven Rays contains the full colour spectrum but in a configuration that esoterically aligns to the Upper and Lower Chakras as they would align in a healthy, selfless individual. It helps to heal the lower nature of Personality and helps bring forth your Soulful, loving nature. It also helps to prevent psychic attack and harmful relationships.




In 2012 the Olympic Games  brought in plenty of positive energy, great enthusiasm and excitement to London , the Earth Star Chakra— raising the vibration of the city to radiate around the world. In 2010 the World Cup was in South Africa, also uniting people from around the globe, focusing on the solar plexus of the world.


 The 12 Earth Chakras are:

1. Earth Star-London, UK .
2. Base Chakra – Gobi Desert, China.
3. Sacral Chakra – Honolulu, Hawaii
4. Navel Chakra – Fiji, Pacific Ocean.
5. Solar Plexus – Whole of South Africa .
6.Heart Chakra –  Glastonbury, UK .
7.Throat Chakra –  Luxor, Egypt.
8. Third EyeBamyan Valley, Afghanistan .
9. Crown Chakra – Machu Picchu, Peru.
10. Causal Chakra – The Himalayas, Tibet .
11.Soul Star – Agra, India .
12. Stellar Gateway – The Arctic.

 Guatemala is the Cosmic Heart.


Places which have been affected by war hold negative energy in the very earth, that needs to be purified. There will be a 20 year transition period and it will be 2032 before we are able to globally shift into a new way of working and living. Nothing happens by chance, we will all be in the right place when the purifying of the earth takes place. This will be through natural disasters such as flooding, to purify areas that have negative energy due to past events. We will see new technological advances that help the good of all, and we will all work more from our own heart centres instead of from ego.

Canada, New Zealand and the Scottish Highlands are some of the purest places on earth. We can recharge our energy by visiting these places or  any of the ancient sacred sites.

 12 earth chakras

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