The Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards were officially launched on 10 December, 2011 .

A party was held in England to celebrate their arrival and at the same time to gather together to have the opportunity to express our gratitude to Melissie Jolly who founded this wonderful system of colour 10 years ago. She was presented with a Diamond which we thought was the most appropriate gift to the founder of a colour system whose last bottle made was a diamond ray!


Korani, Melissie and Moira. Korani, Melissie and Moira at the Launch and Party.


Below are the New Oracle cards laid out with the corresponding Oil or Essence.


The Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards are proving to be very popular…especially with the practitioners!


Workshops 2011-2012.


Advanced Colour Combination.

Learning about the combinations,  their meanings and the affects on our health and well being. Wonderful insights of ancestral issues, karma, past lives , relationships and health issues.

 Advanced Colour Combinations 2

Some of the many colour combination oil bottles. All the fantastic bright colours of the rainbow..!


Colour combinations of various Essences.


 The essences have a huge influence and are easily absorbed into our cells making them

a very powerful energy system.


Chi  Kung and Dragon Workshop.


Wheel of Gaia, Dragons and Chi Kung…!


Dragons and Chi Kung with Korani and Clara Apollo  (and other beautiful Colour Mirror people).

A wonderful synergy of Chi Kung and the Colour Mirror “DRAGON” Essences…..creating a very profund experience.!  Doing Chi Kung outside with nature after using the essences, was magical and powerful.  Most of us received messages or had insightful visions which added to the wonderful experience.

Wheel of Gaia by Korani.

Gaia Wheel

A beautiful extremely powerful energy of all the Gaia range of Colour oils.


Starlight Workshops.

September 2012, with Korani.

The “Starlight series of workshops featuring the special PEACE, LOVE and JOY essences.  A truly amazing three days of working with these very special essences.


Heart shape Light grid designed by Korani and the Starlight essences ..which says it all really… Awesome!



Our group of wonderful Colour people who attended the “Starlight” series of workshops.

Starlight-galactic -grid 1

The Starlight bottles with The Silver Gaias included in our workshop.