Oracle CardsColour Mirrors Oracle Cards.

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There are 44 cards:
18 Colour, 11 Angels, 9 Dragons and 6 Elementals.

The 60 page colour booklet features each of the cards’ messages and also includes an overview of what colour therapy is and how a colour system works. Each card offers an insight into your issues and at the same time serves to share with you what different colours mean – so that you can begin to use colour consciously to attract into your life what you most desire. Understanding the language of colour also means that you can use it to understand your issues and to let go of the patterns you no longer want in your life.

The cards are intended to help you learn some of the meanings of the different colours, as well as to receive personal guidance and insights when you need it. The card you are mostly attracted to will serve as a guide as to which bottle is able to help you with your specific issue.

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