01- Starlight Love

Star name – Krinya – means love beyond boundaries.

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This essence comes from Orion and its star name – Krinya – means love beyond boundaries.  It imparts and instils love into the very fabric of our being, into the cells, into the DNA, into the matrix of love that was woven as we were created. This is the love of creation.  Krinya forms a grid of love around us and through us, reactivating the love that has been lying dormant within every strand of DNA, awaiting our remembrance.  The energy of Starlight Love weaves a matrix that connects us back to our star-families and star soulmates.  This has never been broken or disconnected but we have largely remained unconscious of it.  Now is the time to become conscious of it once more.  This essence also connects us with the star patterns that the Essenes connected with as they prepared the way for the coming of the Christ.  As we are all now stepping into our Christed mastery, Krinya opens a gateway to the love of the pure Christ light so that we might remember and come home.



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