04 – Starlight Freedom

Freedom is at the heart of who we are and it is in our hearts…..

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4 – Starlight Freedom : Yensuwe.

This is the freedom to choose constantly and incessantly without recourse to thought, belief, ideology or plan. Here is where we return again and again to the knowing that we are not tethered even if we have believed ourselves to be. We are not limited or defined and cannot be so. Yensuwe offers us a glimpse into the limitless freedom we truly know ourselves to be when we shed our limited mindsets, our belief systems and our ideologies.

Freedom is at the heart of who we are and it is in our hearts that we awaken to the light of freedom within. Starlight Freedom opens our hearts wide and deepens our breath, expanding our sense of space and our awareness so that we might encompass the greater field of potential in which we exist. It weaves the three previous Starlight energies together to create a platform from which our true freedom may arise. This essence assists in activating freedom at a planetary as well as a personal level. It offers a galactic blessing, a wave of spacious awareness, and brings clear light into our thinking so that our choices might always lead to greater freedom, for ourselves and for all.


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