03-Starlight Joy

Star name is Selenne, opening us to the joy of creation.

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This essence comes from Arcturis.  Its name means joy beyond limits and it connects us with the light of the Great Central Sun, the cosmic core of creative consciousness.  Its full star name is Kristala Selenne, acknowledging that it opens us to the crystalline perfection of all life and the joy of creation.  It expands our beingness and knowingness beyond perceived limitations and ignites a core of galactic sunlight in the very essence of our being.  The radiant light of the stars and the sun is amplified and magnified through this essence.  This yellow-gold light filters into the crystalline matrix of our being, strengthening the lines, awakening the dormant threads, bringing warmth, blessing and joy.  Whenever it is used, with a person or in a space, it assists in activating and strengthening the crystalline grid of the new Golden Earth.  It connects us with the stillness at the centre of the sun and enables us to find that within.  It is a cosmic dissolver, gently shimmering through our fields in ripples and waves of galactic light, dissolving all that is no longer necessary or useful as we progress on our journey back to the truth of the light we are.


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