05- Starlight Rapture.

This is the rapture of creation, the rapture of angels.

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Starlight Rapture is a soft, warm, high vibration that uplifts and inspires, awakening us to the beauty, awe and wonder of life.   It is rich, wide and rounded; it is full, generous and all encompassing.  It comes from the star Vega of the constellation Lyra, and its Starlight name is Ranyan, which means the place where love and bliss collide.  This is the rapture of creation, the rapture of angels.  It transcends the mundane, the ordinary, lifting us up to a higher plane of existence.  It softens sharp edges, dissolves unhappiness and invites us to melt into a state of oneness with the cosmos.  Ranyan opens us to perception shifts and the joyful ’shock’ of awakening and realisation.  Summon it now and remember that this is your natural state, the state of a natural ecstatic, one who can tap into life’s mysteries and see, feel, know and experience life in glorious multi-dimensional wonder. 

Let a rippling, rolling wave of bliss wash over you.  Let yourself be taken into the space between thoughts, between moments, between molecules where all is open, available and possible, paving the way for the miraculous, the magical, the wondrous.  Starlight Rapture shows us that we can find magic, enchantment and awe even in the ordinary moments of life.  It is bounteous and beneficent, replete with blessings and radiance.  Take it deep into your belly and base and anchor there the knowing of a deeper truth.  Starlight Rapture is a chalice into which the Divine pours its most exquisite treasures and offers them as gifts just for you, simply because you exist.  Rapture is the song the Divine sings as it beholds you.


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