26a Lilac Dragon

This Dragon essence is the lightest of all the dragons …..

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Lilac Dragon.

This Dragon essence is the lightest of all the dragons where light is the opposite of heavy, not just dark. This crystalline dragon floats and nothing can weigh it down.  It has come in on the lilac ray of magic and miracles and can go back to the dark past, dropping a crystal light bomb on those ancient events and memories and removing them not just from one’s own memory but from the collective.  This dragon can clean up history.
It brings such clarity and light into your body that you can see clearly into the past and the future and wherever you turn your gaze the light simply sweeps the darkness away.  That is the first miracle.  Once it has transmuted all those old dark memories it clears the consciousness so that we can access our magical inner self again and the ancient magic that has been hidden from our consciousness becomes available and easy.  The Lilac Dragon carries the light of Lemuria, reminding us of the grace, purity and lightness of being we all hold within our cells from our Lemurian lifetimes so that we can access it again now.  This is magic with such a light loving touch that it is instantaneous.

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