02 – Starlight Peace

Star name – Pelenay – means peace beyond knowledge.

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This essence comes from Pleiades and its star name – Pelenay – means peace beyond knowledge.  It connects us to the wisdom of the Elohim and their silver-blue light of pure peace.  It communicates immense love in a cool stream of energy that ripples like moonlight upon water.  It is silent, still and empty, yet it contains everything.  It asks us to listen with our whole selves, with our inner hearing.  It calls us to dive deeply into its silvery peace and bathe ourselves in it.  Pelenay is the light of creation, weaving peace into the light matrix of the Earth and into the cells of our bodies.  All that has been stirred up by life’s journey comes to settle like sediment at the bottom of the ocean where it is absorbed into the Earth and transmuted.  We can rest now and be at peace.


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