The New Magenta  Gaia bottles.

Recently in the summer of 2016Melissie brought through three new Magenta Gaia bottles and they are causing quite a stir!

Bottle G34Bottle G35Bottle G36

These beautiful oils – G34 The Gold Anchor, G35 The Platinum Anchor and G36 The Love Anchor – hold the depth of our connection to the Divine.

Melissie’s message about the Magentas is as follows:  “Those who are drawn to these bottles are the ones who came in with a huge purpose but their journey has often been extremely difficult.  They were the forerunners and incarnated to activate the grid that would eventually enfold the planet and move it into the Golden Age.   Their gift to the planet was bigger than they or anyone around them could understand.  They are moving and shaking the planet in the birthing of what is the new age.”

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