04 – Starlight Freedom

01 – The Sun

Bottle 1 - The Sun

The first bottle vibrates to the energy of the sun – the light source and the life force of our world.


01- Starlight Love


Star name – Krinya – means love beyond boundaries.


01. Red Angel

bottle 1 red angel

This essence connects us to endless possibilities…


02 – Starlight Peace


Star name – Pelenay – means peace beyond knowledge.


02 – The Moon

bottle 2-oils

This bottle relates to the energy of the moon, tides, seasons and cycles of existence.


02. Pink Angel

Pink Angel

This angel brings huge love and support ….


03 – Jupiter

No 3 Jupiter

Huge, expansive and powerful. This bottle resonates with the new Christ Ray.


03-Starlight Joy


Star name is Selenne, opening us to the joy of creation.


03. Coral Angel

Coral Angel

Christabelle, bringing in self-acceptance.


04 – Starlight Freedom


Freedom is at the heart of who we are and it is in our hearts…..