For thousands of years dolphins and whales have been revered as sacred healers, heroes and emissaries from the sea. Many ancient and diverse cultures from around the world tell stories of the unique spiritual nature of dolphins and their healing effects on human health and spiritual well being. It has even been speculated that dolphins and whales possess powers of telepathy and extrasensory perception, and are equally as intelligent as humans.

Dolphins have a special place on our planet as they have the ability to communicate on a higher spiritual level. Some believe that many of the dolphins on our planet are the highest evolved beings left here as a ‘solid’ they are equal to the Ascended masters and Archangels.

The dolphins describe their energy as the frequency of JOY,  MOVEMENT,  CREATING FLOW,  LOVE,  ABUNDANCE,  and an OPENING OF THE HEART !

 It has been well documented that people have had miraculous healings being in the presence of live Dolphins, both wild and captive.  There are many reports of autistic , mentally and physically challenged individuals  swimming with Dolphins and then becoming much happier, healthier and more verbal.



Atlantis Dolphins.

They have a uniqueness which is on par with our Pleadian guides and not of our world, they came from the Sirius solar system. The Pleadians decided to bring some of the dolphins with them when they knew their home world was going to be extinct and they found earth.

Why are they here?

Atlantis dolphins are master healers and keepers of the light upon the Earth plain. They are highly evolved dimensional beings. Their healing role is similar to that of the angelic Realm and Unicorn Kingdom. They have a great love of people and because of this they want to help heal and support us to reach enlightenment.

Like the angels and Unicorns, the dolphins’ healing energy can transcend through time, space, spiritual and physical. It is not necessary to be in their physical presence to be healed by them and to receive their gifts; their energy can be called upon from Sirius (Pleadian energy). Now, more than ever because of 2012 people are ready and open to spirituality and the higher vibrations to receive the healing the dolphins, Unicorns and angels have to give.

On a higher level dolphins have agreed to teach mankind the importance of love and forgiveness. Their souls have been assigned to bring healing and psychic power to people who interact with them. The psychic ability of the dolphins is very intense; my guides tell me that dolphins are the only remaining highest evolved spiritual beings left on earth. Dolphins are equal to Ascended Masters, Archangels and Unicorns, but they are in solid earthly form, this is what makes them so special.

Dolphins are very socialable and because of this you will be ‘allocated’ a pod (group) of healing dolphins. ‘Your’ spiritual healing dolphins may not always be with you as they will work with other dolphins assigned to other people or go where they are needed. But your pod will always work with you during your healing session and they may call in other pods to help.

The Atlantians discovered the dolphins and due to the dolphins friendly nature they became companions. The Atlantians discovered that the dolphin’s aura produced a energy which could heal as well as exchange information.  People of today have received healing when swimming with the dolphins. This has been demonstrated with children how have special needs and they have shown improvement after the dolphin experience.  Dolphin healing guides have the ability to work in the Astral plain and release karmic bonds on yourself.


A Dolphin Energy Healing session can address physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues you may be facing.  Or you can ask the Dolphins to send their incredible energy for your highest good.



Dolphins are gentle, loving, supportive and playful, following their joy and flow at all times.  This essence brings joy, fun and play into our lives and can be used to lighten up the energy of any space.  It reminds us to live each moment joyfully, opening to the immense love available to us from every living thing.  Dolphins are masters of communication and will show us how to communicate beyond the limitations of our senses if we open to receive their messages. They live together in loving union, harmony and oneness, teaching us to do the same.  Use this essence to connect with their loving support, wisdom and guidance.

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By Ina Woolcott

Dolphin teaches us that when we live in tune with the patterns and rhythm of nature, we learn how to truly be in touch with, resonate and communicate with All That IS and how to share this sagacity with anyone interested. There are those that believe Dolphins are more intelligent than humans. Especially when it comes to love. They have large brains, superior intelligence and are often associated in mythical lore with higher forms of consciousness. Some believe they are far more evolved than we are, especially on a spiritual level. Some believe they are alien beings from a different dimension.

Dolphins are connected with the power of breath and with emotional release, which are also both deeply connected. One of the most important factors in spiritual growth is to give ourselves the freedom of full experiencing our feelings and emotions. Often negative emotions are suppressed as we don’t want to be a part of them, so we try to stay apart from them. Feelings of sadness, pain, anger, grief. We need to stop doing this, as this only lays the foundation for disagreeable outcomes. We need to feel our feelings, by suppressing these feelings, of course they DO NOT go away. They are still there, subconsciously, manifesting blocked energy with-in, and if these blocks aren’t removed, this can go on to physical imbalances, with-out. On top of this, by blocking these so called negative feelings, this can result in losing the quality of being able to feel at all, losing much of life’s joy. Becoming dead to the world.

Simply stated breathing is conversing with the outside world. When people feel that the outside world is a source of pain, they learn, very frequently at a young age, to constrict their breathing. The diaphragm is built to assist us in breathing and to feel deeply, but it becomes suppressed. When we learn to breathe deeply we can learn to feel deeply, in turn letting go of stifled feelings. One way of doing this is to copy the dolphins pattern of breathing, a superb tension reliever!. Dolphin breathes deeply, holds his breath underwater, then breathes out forcefully. Living in water is an important characteristic of Dolphin, as in many belief systems, including astrology, water is related to feeling and emotion.

If Dolphin swims into your life, he is asking you to relish water both physically and mentally, swimming freely and going along with your natural feelings. He is showing you how to enter the waters of life and then with breath and sound call forth what you most need or desire. Dolphins use a variety of whistles, grunts, clicks, and body postures to communicate. They have unique, personal whistles they give out. If they want to get the attention of another Dolphin, they give out their personal whistle. Sound is the creative life force and a big part of dolphins life, therefore this needs to be a part of your life. Communicate. With those around you and All That Is. Creating inner sounds creates outer manifestations. If Dolphin is your power animal, you may do well using your voice for healing or communicating, whether incorporating this into a job or just as a hobby or in day to day life with those nearest and dearest to you..

Dolphins have a wise, innocent, purity of being which reaches out to our inner nature. Follow their lead and open yourself to the energy of love, harmony and balance. Express your inner truth, be true to yourself. follow your inner joy. Dolphin is asking you to go back to your roots, to the depths of your being and rediscover the Love that you truly are.

Dolphins spend most of their day playing. Their life is lived in joyful harmony with each other and their world. Apparently they have learned the lesson that love is the most important factor in life. If dolphin is your power animal he may be there to teach you how to love yourself and your world more. A big part of Dolphins medicine is living in balanced, harmonious communities. They live in big groups of up to 100. Females will give birth to a single offspring, with several dolphins around her, helping with the birth, pulling the newborn out by its tail. They then protect him or her from any imminent danger. If a dolphin is hurt or ill, other dolphins will tend to them, lifting them to the surface to breathe.


Dolphin Wisdom includes – Knowledge of the sea, change, patron of sailors, harmony, wisdom, balance, Communication skills, freedom, trust, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water element magic, unselfishness. Dolphin reminds us to get out, play and most importantly, to breathe.


The Whale

The Whale

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(Pale Turquoise / Blue)

When someone chooses this bottle it signifies that the difficulties are coming to an end. It is a fresh start and the birth of something new and precious.  The colours are about a shift in consciousness where you are asked to trust finally and with complete faith that you are on purpose, in line with the greater will and perfectly on track. It is time to take stock of the past and only take with you that which will serve you in the future. There is no time for blaming or resenting. This is the new and soon, as you open to gratitude, you will tap into the information that this bottle holds which is the wisdom of everything that exists. This bottle will serve to open the high heart centre where we are all connected to the information of everything that is. Turquoise is faith, blue is peace and here you can find all the answers to follow your true calling with ease and grace. At the time this bottle was created Melissie saw a baby whale being born so close to her that she could touch it. Built into this bottle is the connection to the records that the whales have kept since time began.