Subject: CCK feedback.

Thank you both again fo a truly magical weekend with Colour and Chi Kung.

Tai Chi has always been for me, a great way to move energy around the body,
unblocking the chakras, as well as keeping fit. To actually mix this with
Colour Mirrors essences has had a very profound effect. I was using Copper
Dragon, Gold Angel and Red Angel for various reasons when I noticed in my
practice that my energy “Chi” was more dominant and that I could actually
“feel” this energy connection grow much bigger than ever before…amazing!
It has certainly enhanced my Tai Chi.

The weekend with the Gaia/Earth energies and Dragons was very profound for
me particularly as I was able to connect fully with the Blue Dragon and
become in his dragon body and actually see through an Indigo blue dragon
head!! Pretty awsome stuff as I sometimes struggle with meditating with my
butterfly mind!

In the garden I felt sure there where baby dragons hopping over the Zen
garden! I really enjoyed  practising Chi Kung on the grass and as we were
relaxing afterwards I had a very profound shift and download from the
universe. I have no idea what it was about just that I felt tremendous
emotion and relief and felt much lighter afterwards.

After this weekend I truly felt pampered, enlightened and uplifted. I loved
this synergy of Colour Chi Kung and would recommend it as a way of truly
connecting with the elements and your inner self. Certainly a more powerful
way of getting your “Chi” moving and feeling more stronger and balanced as a
person.. !

As a result of this weekend, I think for me, it has re-enforced the need for
space and boundaries and more “me time” to practise my Tai Chi….barefoot
on Gaia!

How could anyone connected to nature and the colours of nature… fail to
enjoy such a weekend!

Looking forward to the next one…!!!


Day 1 (Saturday) is “Circle of Gaia” – a ride around the wheel of colour Gaia from copper to gold to platinum to coral…. and a deep Earthing day….  We will use chi kung movement and exercises and colour, healing, energy work and meditation together to really allow your body to experience powerful support in these changing times.

Day 2 (Sunday) is Dragon Power!  This expansive day will combine movement, chi, colour and the potency of the colour dragons… we will be encouraging you to step into your dragon power!

This is a weekend for anyone wanting to energise their spirit and really get their body and chi and energy moving.