Category: Dragon Essences

18. Black Dragon

Black Dragon .

This dragon represents death and rebirth.


19. Copper Dragon

Copper Dragon

She is connected to the energy of Quan Yin.


20. Red Dragon

Red Dragon

This dragon brings compassion.


21. Pink Dragon.

Pink Dragon

She brings love in her wake and laughter.


22. Gold Dragon

Gold Dragon

This dragon activates power, true raw power that brooks no argument.


23. Green Dragon

Green Dragon

This dragon brings in the new and the spring and all new beginnings.


24. Turquoise Dragon

Turquoise Dragon

This dragon holds the new energy of the new age….


25. Royal Blue Dragon

Royal Blue Dragon

This dragon remembers your starry incarnations.


26. White Dragon

White Dragon

This dragon is complementary to the Black Dragon.


26a Lilac Dragon

Lilac Dragon.

This Dragon essence is the lightest of all the dragons …..