Category: Angel Essences

01. Red Angel

bottle 1 red angel

This essence connects us to endless possibilities…


02. Pink Angel

Pink Angel

This angel brings huge love and support ….


03. Coral Angel

Coral Angel

Christabelle, bringing in self-acceptance.


04. Gold Angel

Gold Angel

This angel essence is expansive and powerful.


05. Yellow Angel

Yellow Angel

This essence opens us to joy and wisdom….


06. Green Angel

Green Angel

In using this scent we create a new space…..


07. Blue Angel

Blue Angel

Helpful for hayfever and sinus headaches.


08. Platinum Angel

Platinum Angel

This angel will bring in the highest vibration ….


09. Lilac Angel

Lilac Angel

This is our guardian angel…..


10. Clear Angel

Clear Angel

This one brings light and clarity….


11. AA Metatron

Archangel Metatron

Excellent for bringing light into dark situations….