16. Stillness

In Peace you find the space where all that you perceive is the Perfection in everything and everyone.

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As you connect with this tranquil combination of Starlight Peace and Starlight Perception, take a breath.  Pause, and let it go.  Dive into the stillness that awaits you at the beginning and end of each breath.  Sink deeper.  Release.  Let go.  Behold the peace that awaits you.  Be still now.  Be peace.  Rest.  Allow.  Breathe.  Peace is who you are.  Fill yourself with the beating pulse of stillness at your core. Let yourself go into the stillness from which everything arises and to which everything returns. Remember.  Then, as you emerge from the stillness, become aware of a world that is changed.  Not because anything is different, but because you are.  See now with eyes that are unclouded and free.  See now the truth of the light with all its potency.  See now through the eyes of the Divine and your perception becomes pure peace.  In peace you find the space where all that you perceive is the perfection in everything and everyone.  Let the stillness guide you there.