12 Starlight Radiance.

The Starlight name for Radiance is Elesia which simply means ‘light’.

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This is the radiance emitted by every cell, every photon, every atom of created energy within the universe and beyond. The Starlight name for Radiance is Elesia which simply means ‘light’. Radiance is pure light, embodied and emitted. This energy comes from our Sun, itself a beacon of pure radiance. The light of Venus is also carried on this frequency. She is one of brightest lights in the night sky and with her soft, luminous, feminine energy she balances the brilliant and dazzling masculine power of the Sun. The Starlight Radiance energy takes us to completion, rounds out our fullness, welcomes us to wholeness, guides us home and carries us full circle back to Love, the beginning and ending of all things. Let Starlight Radiance enfold you in its pure embrace and take you to the heart of beauty. Feel and know once again the unique Divinely encoded frequency of You, and know that you are – and all is – light, pure and radiant. Let the celestial brightness with which you were birthed into the cosmos emit from you, transmit from you, emanate from you; let it radiate out and forth, spiralling inwards and outwards until all things are aglow with the splendour of You and the exquisite radiance of life.