08 – Starlight Being

Starlight Being is the culmination of many lives, many paths.

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8 – Starlight Being: Devendra

Starlight Being is the culmination of many lives, many paths, many strands of light and beingness.  It is both the completion of all that has gone before and the beginning of all that is yet to come.  It is – and you are – a full and complete circle of Beingness.  Devendra means one who is complete and it comes from the place where the sun and the Earth meet in your heart.  It is the merging of the solar god-force with the earthly light lines and the cosmic fire of the Divine.  Here is the birthing of the new world, the impossible made possible, the formless made real, present and alive.  Devendra is you, brought to life from stardust, birthed out of the heart of the Divine, bursting forth in scintillating rays of magenta and gold to make a ring of cosmic fire that would light up the heavens.  Will you answer the call and enter life now?  Will you engage in life’s wondrous dance, in the ages-old and constantly renewing flow of eternal is-ness?  Starlight Being is your ticket.  Take it now and behold the life that has long awaited you.  Pass over the bridge and do not look back.  Heaven is yours.  Being is your path.  Being is yours.  Being is you.  Being is.  Being.  Starlight Being.  What could be, without you?