10 Starlight Perception

This energy comes from the Moon and has gifts from the star Antares.

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Starlight Perception, Rinyasa, invites you to acknowledge and recognise the light and the perfection within all things.   This energy comes from the Moon and has gifts from the star Antares embued within it, ready for your awakening.  It is your invitation to the world of Divine perception, the higher view, the greater path, the bigger picture.  It is seeing with your heart, knowing with your being, perceiving with your essence.  It is the brilliant yet subtle clarity of the stars in a moonlit sky.  Will you stand under that sky and receive the greater perspective now?  Will you allow yourself to see and know always and in all ways the perfection of all that is?  Starlight Perception imprints upon you the perfection of life in all its hues.  It calls you to see the gold in everything just as the Divine witnesses the radiance within you.  This is the Divine view of life, visioning from your Higher Self, over and beyond your previous understandings.  The brightness of the light you are is unquestionable.  The perfection within every being and everything that exists is beyond doubt.  The moment by moment unfolding of life is Divine, utterly and wholly.  It cannot be other.  A perception shift is all that is required to see it.  Raise your sight to the golden starlight above you and welcome its transmission now as you open to the vision of perfection that is Starlight Perception.