09 Starlight Connection

Starlight Connection has a profound connection with Gaia .

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Starlight Connection acts like a cosmic plug, connecting you in to the Divine power source so that you might truly know yourself as divinely linked to ALL of life.  Starlight Connection comes from Lyra and its name is Kyashi which means the love of all things, for true connection is available when you stand in the light of love and let its glow colour all your experiences, your viewpoints and your choices.  Starlight Connection has a profound connection with Gaia and gifts you with the capacity to commune with the light of nature and become one with it.  This is Gaia as her star-self, her light-self and she asks you to remember the truth of this planet and the power of her true beingness.  This energy is a meeting place and a melting pot of Earth and Stars, a source of commingled light and healing on many frequencies and in many dimensions.  This is the connection to the creator light, the God-source, the Divine magician.  Now is the time to know yourself as that light and to rekindle the fire of your Divine connection upon this Earth and in all realms.  Starlight Connection invites you into commitment and communion with all of life.  Feel now and know the connection within you and allow yourself to be transported across the void into the loving embrace of pure, full Divine connection where you are eternally safe, held, loved and blessed.