5This is a good time to open your heart to re-ignite the romance with your partner or to attract a new love. How much do you allow yourself to be loved? Love from the outside comes in the measurement by which you love yourself.

If you feel that your partner does not love you enough, it is a reflection of how little you love yourself right now. You cannot make them love you more, but you can focus on loving yourself more. Romance yourself as if you are the most desirable person and someone is desperately in love with you already. Do all the things you would do when you first fall in love, change your clothes, hairstyle, de-clutter your home and freshen it with new colours, go dancing, buy flowers or join a health club.
Call on the Pink Angel of Love and Partnership to guide you in attracting greater love into your life. She will help you love yourself unconditionally and help you attract your twin flame who is waiting to love you unconditionally.

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