35You have reached the perfect moment to action your plans and make the changes you desire. Trying to delay or procrastinate further is only because you still lack confidence in your own power. You are already perfect and the plan is already perfect, just do it.

As you put into action what you have thought of for so long, you will be guided step by step where to make alterations, add new concepts or cancel the bits that don’t work.
You are divinely guided by the Archangel Metatron that sees the past, present and future all at once. Connect with Metatron and he will bring you into the moment of now and help you focus on the task with joy as you create all that you desire.

Metatron will support all your healing and teaching work and help build your vision for a joyful future through the activities of the now moments. He folds time and ensures you meet your deadlines and commitments.

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