8Have you been wondering why your wishes don’t come true? Why the visions of a brighter future are not happening? Whenever we request something new in our life, the universe always answers YES. But it finds it cannot deliver the dream into your reality because you still hold a pattern that says ‘I don’t deserve it because I am not good enough’ or perhaps a pattern of ‘guilt in receiving too much’.

When manifesting your dreams, open up to receiving them with the full knowledge that it is your divine birth right. God did not say go to the planet and suffer and live in limit and lack. God said go and play, it is paradise.
Find a fun way to write down all your wishes, use colour inks, paint images, create vision boards, and hand them over to the Coral Angel of Magic and Manifestation and ask her to remove any blocks you have in receiving them. Coral Angel will help you love yourself enough to receive.

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