42Gratitude powers generosity and greater abundance. Take time to look at how all your needs are met and give thanks for the insights, guidance, healing, finances, love, sanctuary, events and people who have helped you become a light worker.

As you tap daily into gratitude, you will feel more generous to give and receive and step into grace. When you are in a state of grace all your decisions come from your authentic higher self. You are now in a state of grace and have the clarity to see your way forward. Any decision you make will turn out perfect for you. Surrender into the plan that has already happened in the future, step into the light, there is nothing to fear.

The angel of grace will help you to be clear about your choices and to move forward with grace and ease. She will help you de-clutter all your spaces and shine a light on any issue that feels dark and heavy. She reminds you that you are limitless and anything is now possible.

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