18. Infinite Radiance


This dazzling combination of Starlight Infinity and Starlight Radiance is radiant heat, radiant light, infinite you.  This is the white light of your spirit and the golden core of your soul come together, weaving a spiralling kaleidoscope of incandescent luminosity.  As you radiate the true light that you are, all else falls away.  The lies you have told yourself, the falsehoods of ego, all are transported now into the vast infinite wonder of the truth:  You are an infinite being whose only task is to radiate light.  Anything else is a game, a pretence.  While on Earth you are gifted the choice of experiencing these games and yet you know now that it is time to heed the call, to return to the knowing of your divinity.  Remember the infinite radiance you have always been and rest in the sunlight of your being, shining simply because you cannot do otherwise.