17. Earth Light


Allow this potent combination of Starlight Connection and Starlight Creation to regenerate your spirit and renew your faith.  Let it lift you out of heaviness into the gentle transformative light of a spring morning. You are a conscious being who has come to Earth to be the unique light that you are, to create as no other can, to connect and inspire, to share and to shine.  A star being with an earth light, a light being on the star we call the Earth.  Earth Light is the anchoring of your light on the Earth so that you as creation might know yourself in all your totality.  On Earth, light is made real through you and as you.  Earth Light restores your connection to Source and your ability to create so that you may become fully conscious again of your role as creator.  Consciousness creates connection.  Connection creates consciousness.  Creation connects us with consciousness.  Through conscious connection we create.  Play with this combination of energies to find your own Earth Light and enjoy!