15 Rapt in Magic


This blissful combination of Starlight Rapture and Starlight Magic reminds you that you are a precious being, clothed in light, blessed with love, wrapped in magic.  This is the recognition that you are and always have been a beloved child of the Universe.  Here is your birth on to the Earth, played out this time in the glory and splendour of your Divine Self, the true birthing of you, the re-creation of each and every moment within the glow of Divine light.  Rapt in Magic asks you to see and remember the beauty in all things, to acknowledge the Divine hand in every act of creation, no matter how small, and to become again the alchemist and architect of your own life.  This is where life can become luscious, rich and deeply engaging.  Fall just a little in love with this bottle, with yourself, with life.  Taste the sweetness of blissful, joyful co-creation and let the magic begin.