14 The Lotus


This bottle of liquid love is a combination of Starlight Love and Starlight Freedom, awakening you to the Divine heart that is at the centre of your being and the core of all that exists.  It acts as a reset button to take you back to the innocence and the truth of the love you have always been and the freedom that is your true home.  Love is the current of the Universe and it is in love that you discover true freedom.  When you love all that surrounds you, all that is revealed to you and all that is within you, freedom is inevitable.  From the vantage point of freedom, all things become love, and loved.  Love and freedom are two sides of the same shining coin and together they offer you healing of all that has appeared to keep you in separation.  The Lotus is the jewel in your crown, the gem in your heart, the preciousness of your very essence.  It invites you to love like you have never loved before, to embrace your freedom and come home.