86. G35 – The Platinum Anchor.

The pale blue-lilac of the platinum reminds you of the importance of your words.

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The Platinum in this bottle links to the Platinum Gaia bottles which were created specifically to remind you of your starry homes and the vastness of who you are and where you came from. This bottle will reconnect you to your starry siblings and the immense support they are prepared to offer at this time. The pale blue-lilac of the platinum specifically reminds you of the importance of your words and with the deep magenta holding you in Divine love, whatever you speak will be brought into manifestation.

Stepping into the colours of this bottle you are reminded of the deep ocean of light which has always carried you and on which you can now begin to rest with peace and quiet joy. This bottle enables you to begin to breathe fully again as you anchor into the planet in a very new way and find the perfect peace of stillness from which you can simply receive and allow. It opens a portal of peace on the Earth through which you can now draw whatever you need to return you to a state of pure deep Divine peace and then lightly and joyously share that with others. It facilitates the weaving of practical magic in your life and on the planet.