24. Turquoise Dragon


The Turquoise Dragon

This dragon holds the new energy of the new age and is about an opening of the high heart centre. She is female and light and brings air and water together – mind and emotions. She helps us to think with our hearts and to feel with our minds. She is the embodiment of Aquarius and is the one to use when we are ready to go global. She instantly spreads her energy around the planet and brings harmony into all our fear-based projections about the planet as well as our own survival. In Chinese mythology, Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion rides on a turquoise dragon, so this essence will also connect us to our ability to carry mercy and compassion into all our life experiences. She feels as if she is a combination of the Copper and Royal Blue Dragons as she has a starry quality but is very grounded at the same time and has something completely new to offer.