71.G20 -Abode of Bliss


G20 Abode of Bliss (Platinum / Pale Green)

In the gold of Grace (G13, the complementary to G20) we find ourselves in the Abode of Bliss and when we live in bliss we are automatically in Grace.   This delicate green has taken bottles 32 and 35 and enlightened them to the highest degree they can go and when the persecution and sibling rivalry is taken away it becomes an awakening that is completely the newest spring rebirth we can possibly imagine.  This is the enlightened heart of humanity and of the planet; each heart connected to each other heart.  If we claim our multi-dimensionality and we keep our feet on the earth, we change the earth.  We also access all her multi-dimensional qualities and we activate her Divine DNA and her crystalline structure.  We can all now take part in this journey.  This is the time:  the awakening of the new earth.