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Colour Vibrations is a Holistic Colour Healing Energy which uses colour and light to balance the vibrations or energy fields in the human body. Click the Find Out More button for more information on the Colour Mirror bottles and how they can help you. We also have an online shop where you can buy our bottles and other products.

The Magnificent Magentas

Chi Kung – Meditation – Colour

Chi Kung is a graceful and ancient system of maintaining one’s mind, body and spirit.

Classes of Chi Kung, meditation and colour combined are now being held in the Salisbury Area .

Please visit the Chi Kung page to learn more about how this system can improve your health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in joining our classes please email  as booking is essential.

Body Freedom Duo

Body Freedom Range

The NEW Body Freedom Duo are now available to buy in our online shop. Body Freedom helps us reconnect to the true freedom of our own natural power so that our relationship to food  – whatever that may currently be – may return to balance.

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Colour Oils and Essences


There are a wide range of Colour Mirrors Oils and Essences, these can be bought online from our shop. You can find out more about them and how they will help to heal your body and soul, here.

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Oracle Cards and Readings


The oracle cards feature many of the colours of the Colour Mirrors bottles, there is also booklet which explains the meanings and what it means for you when you are drawn to a particular card. You can also get a card reading online.

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