KRYON :-  The CHILDREN of NOW are meeting the TEACHERS of NOW – 6/6/13



The process has began – The CHILDREN of NOW are meeting the TEACHERS of NOW. 

Your children, the children of now that have come to the earth to assist in the process of ascension, are the ones that are manifesting a lot of light and love into your reality by anchoring this light and love into the hearts of each and every being that they come into contact with physically, ethereally , consciously and subconsciously. 

In order to help them remain in this new type of frequency that they carry with them, we have instituted many teachers into your world. Who are secretly and unbeknownst to your government are communicating with the children of now on a cellular level in light language, and the language of the heart.
Each school on your planet has been supplied with such teachers, and they will know precisely who and what they are. Many of them are walk-ins, many of them are light workers just like you who have chosen a path to incarnate before these children in order to assist the pure energies of light entering the planet at this precise moment in time.Then there are a special class of teachers, who are neither walk-ins, nor light workers, but your own galactic brothers and sisters.. that appear in your schools for a brief moment, these are what you call a “substitute” teacher. Yes indeed dear ones, we come to your children at precise moments in time to bring forth the information that they are in need of and to show them not to be afraid of anything.And so these teachers are touching topics that others simply do not. They are sending these children home filled with love and light. They are reminding the children of who they are, constantly keeping their vibrations high. And although the children of now, know exactly who they are, since they are not plagued by the veil of forgetfulness, just as many of you have, there are still obstacles that they are faced with.

Each child that comes into your world now.. is a star seed.. These children.. are literally the future generation of hybrid beings.. that are going to be completely free from anything that the human ego can possibly throw at them.. for it simply will not exist.. yet .. in order for this process to occur.. many of you who are now awake along with the teachers are going to find that you are drawn to assist these children… in order to keep their vibrations high.

These children are no longer limited by the human misconception of reality.. these children remember who they are.. they know why they have come onto this planet… they remember and know their missions very well… they are free from the veil of forgetfulness .… nevertheless … nevertheless dear ones … the cabal.. that you are all in the know of.. is trying their best to stop the growth, to stop the link that these children have to the divine, in any way shape and form possible. Fear not dear ones, for due to all of your efforts the cabal will not succeed.

Whereas before, when you have arrived on this planet, it was dangerous for us to step in and remind you of who you are until it was time… we have awaited for you to find our own way.. and have assisted you strictly form behind the veil.. now due to all of your efforts in assisting the earth and humanity.. due to all the struggles that you have gone through, each and every single one of you, who had to wake up and break through the veil on your own… due to all this.. it is now possible for us to meet with the children of now face to face… and help them .. help all of YOU!

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.


KRYON: Channeled by Anna Merkaba –