06 – Starlight Magic.


Starlight Magic or Kirala-ma, is from Sirius and its name means “the sound of shimmering light”.  This essence takes us into the unknown, into the mysteries of life, into the deep and hidden resonances, opening us to the pure power and joy of high magic. It is moonlight on water, stardust, liquid light. Star children recognise this energy right away as it sprinkles us with fairy dust, with playful pixie magic. Kirala-ma helps us remember all our many star lifetimes and the wisdom we have gained on our journeys throughout the cosmos. It blends ancient knowledge with future energetic patterns to weave an alchemical magic made of light. It opens the gate to various forms of light language, harmonics and symbols. Starlight Magic contains and imparts a dynamic stillness and an active silence and through its ancient sacred language, speaks to our spirit and opens portals to new dimensions.