19. Joyful Being


This combination of Starlight Joy and Starlight Being is a tonic when you find yourself taking life too seriously.  Smile in the knowing that none of it was ever really real.  Joy is the essence of your being; and being – pure being – is absolute joy.  When joy fills you with its rich abundant blessings, you remember what it is to be Divine.  When you know in the core of your being that you are Divine, what else can you be, but joy?  Being Divine and living your life from that knowingness makes space for deep abiding joy.  So live joy.  Be joy.  Re-ignite the flame of your innermost joy-being and watch with awe as it transforms the fabric of your life.  Joyful Being is the jester’s dance, the Buddha’s laughter, the rich embodied fullness of a life well-lived, well-loved.